Marco Rubio supports attrition, seems to actually oppose amnesty (but: probably still supports massive immigration)

Speaking earlier today, Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio supported attrition (enforcing our immigration laws in order to encourage illegal aliens to leave on their own) and made statements that seemed to indicate that he opposes amnesty (aka comprehensive immigration reform). That's definitely a far better position than that of those in his general network, such as Karl Rove and Jeb Bush. And, it makes more clear his position; it wasn't entirely obvious.

However, he still probably supports some form of major guest workers program and probably increased legal immigration. He proposed something that might become a national ID card (see this and this). And, he supported fining employers of illegal aliens; what exactly that means isn't clear since we're already doing that to some extent. Maybe he means he'd increase the penalties and actually impose them, or maybe it was just empty talk. On a less important note, he also committed what in some peoples' minds must be heresy, criticizing Ronald Reagan for signing the 1986 amnesty.

Some of his remarks are here and below:

“In 1986 Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million people,” Rubio said. “You know what happened, in addition to becoming 11 million a decade later? There were people trying to enter the country legally, who had done the paperwork, who were here legally, who were going through the process, who claimed, all of a sudden, ‘No, no no no , I’m illegal.’ Because it was easier to do the amnesty program than it was to do the legal process.”

“If you grant amnesty, the message that you’re sending is that if you come in this country and stay here long enough, we will let you stay. And no one will ever come through the legal process if you do that.”

Rubio said the U.S. must first get control of its borders and its visa system, which often allows people to enter legally but remain after their visas expire.

“Only after you deal with illegal immigration in a serious way - seal the border and the visa problem - can you then create a legal immigration system that works. That still leaves you with 11 million people that are here illegally,” Rubio said.

While criticizing amnesty for those illegals, he also rejected the idea of a massive “police-state” roundup. He suggested requiring tamper-proof residency and guest-worker cards and fining employers who don’t verify that their workers are legal. That, Rubio said, would bring the 11 million figure down “dramatically by attrition.”


all a game and its working the ideals of this nation are under attack from all sides and it is right out of the Turner diaries. last week a hispanic LEADER Called out from the mass murder of whites inside the USA and he is part of this government, and what do people do, one word..NOTHING! Can we say 1938 do you know what happen in germany on that date?

We think that today's administration under President Obama or previous political parties had a goal of enforcing our immigration laws. But corrupt politicians intervened on behalf of the open border fanatics and special interest lobbyists. As with E-Verify that has become a spotlighted enforcement law, because it was originally nearly tabled by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). But public uproar caused them to forcibly change their decisions and fully fund E-Verify for another 3 years. WITHOUT PUBLIC SUPPORT THEY WOULD NOT HAVE CAVED-IN? Right now it is the--ONLY--true enforcement tool implemented, but it is only as good--IF--business owners are forced to use it. Even though hundreds of thousands of companies have now decided to apply it, yet it is not MANDATORY? It is up to the discretion of employers? In a few states Representatives have introduced it into law, as with the fed's issuing an ultimatum that all contractors/subcontractors must use E-Verify. Remember E-Verify does not need buses for deportation? Those here will self-deport. It will take time, but without access to jobs--THEY EVENTUALLY WILL LEAVE. THEY CALL IT "ATTRITION?" Justifiably bloggers should be either criticized for their anti-sovereignty stand, or praised for informing the unaware public of the taxpayers money needed to fund a 2009-2010 Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Rewarding the millions already illegally squatting here, with the costs to support families, children and those kin who will come here through sponsorship. THEN THE MILLIONS MORE WHO HAVE HEARD THE CALL FOR AMNESTY AND RUSH TO GET HERE FROM POOR NATIONS, BEFORE THE NEW LAW MATERIALIZES? House Judiciary Committee's Ranking Member Lamar Smith (R-Texas) wrote an op-ed for the Washington Times today He stated that the Washington Times had slammed the Obama Administration for hardened enforcement. While the opposite reaction came from the open border advocates saying there was too much enforcement. However Rep. Smith determined the opposite? This is his statement:- * Rescinding of the "no-match" rule that prevents the Social Security Administration from contacting employers when a new hires name and social security number don't match their records. "Without this protection, many employers will continue to employ individuals they know are illegal and are taking jobs that should go to citizens and legal residents," Smith said. * Repeal of REAL ID in lieu of PASS ID, which makes it easier for illegal aliens to obtain a driver's license. "This makes it easier for illegal immigrants to stay in the country. And it can provide terrorists with a legitimate ID - as we saw with the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists, who between them obtained 30 driver's licenses and ID cards," Smith said. * Lack of funding for an airport biometric exit system that is part of a DHS proposal to monitor when foreign visitors leave the country. "40 percent of all 12 million to 20