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Personal Adviser, Essayist, Autodidact, Ashkenazi Jew, Animal Lover, Centrist Libertarian, Logician, Biblioholic. This feed is attentively curated.
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From @IllimitableMan
Trump's campaign has been a stroke of genius, I'd love to read an in depth analysis on his strategies.
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From @MaxNewmanSays
@IllimitableMan @fresh_totally Are you not following @ScottAdamsSays's commentary on Trump and the election? Absolutely worth it.
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From @IllimitableMan
@LarryDarrell86 @fresh_totally @ScottAdamsSays I haven't been but I shall, is there an archive/place to begin reading?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@IllimitableMan: @ScottAdamsSays is leading his fans down the merry path to amnesty, hurting Trump & USA in the process. He isn't rational.