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S.E. Alaska
I bet if we went through all the crap in my house, we'd find a body or two... or my lost guns, all my lost jewelry, or a large sum of money...
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.@EileenTownsend4 @Hollywoodalaska @TeraM557: you need to neuter their propaganda *to their intended audience*. Demand Trump learns to do it
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From @EileenTownsend4
RT @Hollywoodalaska: @TeraM557 @AnnCoulter Ask LEGAL immigrants how they feel about them. They're pissed. Legal ppl had to do it right; ill…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@EileenTownsend4 @Hollywoodalaska @TeraM557: that's obviously not how to reduce illegal #immigration, since it's never worked. Face reality