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#PraiseKek Red pillin' lefties since 2014. Backup account: @PepeNukem NO LISTS.
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.@DukeNukemSez: as long as opposing Twitter censorship is just a con thing, it'll continue. It needs broad opposition to be stopped. #MAGA
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DOHMT @DukeNukemSez Twitter censorship: #RockvilleRape doesn't autocomp. #NotAllMuslims did autocomp. Sick of Twitter shoving liberal agenda
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RT @DukeNukemSez: PLEASE keep #AustinHilbourn in your prayers. #BLMkidnapping #JusticeForAustin Fuck the #BlackLivesMatter scumbags.
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Trump fans posture real good but are no help. MT @KennethHoefle RT @DukeNukemSez: PLEASE keep [#BLMkidnapping victim] in your prayers.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@KennethHoefle @DukeNukemSez: how your mental & emotional problems *help* BLM: #BLMKidnapping #MAGA