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Eduardo Arosemena Muñoz
Puerto Rico, USA
Padre, esposo, abogado/servidor público. Fan de Puerto Rico y su gente. ScioAux/Assistant Sec of @DeptEstadoPR. Pres/Chair Junta @icppr. Opiniones personales.
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From @jibaritapr38
RT @EArosemenaM: @DavidBegnaud Maria was devastating-Yet, I suggest coverage on the 100 years of 2nd class citizenship for Americans in PR.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jibaritapr38 @EArosemenaM: @DavidBegnaud enabled #PuertoRico acting like babies (like by waiting for pallets of small water bottles from FEMA rather than collecting rainwater as billions do around the world). He *helps* Trump by not demanding Trump do his job too.