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Ben Powell promotes Red Card plan, H1Bs using shaky economics (immigration, Forbes) - 10/19/13

In Forbes, Ben Powell of Texas Tech University offers "A U.S. Worker Shortage Calls For 'Red Card' Immigration Reform" ( ). A discussion of how the article is wrong follows this excerpt:

Jason Stverak misleads about immigration and the free market (Franklin Center, Koch, Krieble) - 10/04/13

In Forbes, Jason Stverak of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity offers "To Achieve Real Immigration Reform, Put The Free Market Front And Center" ( ).

Stephanie Mencimer's flawed reporting on Mia Love and immigration (Mother Jones, Margaret Stock, Stuart Anderson) - 09/28/12

A post at Forbes catches Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones in flawed reporting. From [1]: The controversy over how Utah Republican Congressional candidate Mia Love's family became lawful permanent residents may have another twist - Love may be right about how her family received their green cards, which allowed them to stay in America.

John Tamny of Forbes calls America-denouncing billionaire an "American hero" - 05/22/12

Earlier this month, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship in a move that most have considered a way to save taxes (even if he denies it). Fiscal conservatives proceeded to show that - to them - patriotism has a price tag. See the link for several examples and an explanation of why we don't want people like Saverin in the U.S. to begin with.

Fiscal conservatives side with America-denouncing billionaire (Cato, Dan Mitchell, Heritage, Brownfield, Sean Medlock, Daily Caller, HotAir) - 05/11/12

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin recently denounced his U.S. citizenship to avoid paying U.S. taxes he'd owe when that company goes public. Hopefully to most people the idea of turning your back on your country [1] to save money would be abhorrent. Of course, many in the fiscal conservative and libertarians spheres think different: patriotism only goes so far.

Shikha Dalmia misleads again, promotes anti-American DREAM Act - 09/23/10

Shikha Dalmia of Forbes and Reason Magazine is misleading about immigration yet again, this time about the anti-American DREAM Act ("DA"). That bill was recently blocked in the Senate, but if passed it would have allowed those current illegal aliens covered by it to take college educations away from U.S. citizens. Needless to say, Dalmia strongly supports that anti-American bill and is willing to mislead to do it. She writes [1]: [Republicans] called the Dream Act – yawn! – amnesty, an accusation that Democrats deny. They shouldn’t. The Act, which would give children of illegal aliens who...

Shikha Dalmia still not credible on immigration (Part 2) - 04/28/10

Shikha Dalmia of Forbes shows once again why she isn't a trustworthy source, this time by offering "Arizona's Un-American Immigration Law" [1]. (Note: see the last link for our recent extensive coverage of that law).

Why Shikha Dalmia isn't credible on immigration (Part 1?) - 04/07/10

At Forbes, Shikha Dalmia of Reason Magazine offers "Obama Can't Handle Immigration Reform/The leading proposal will curtail liberties without making life better for immigrants" [1]. The article shows yet again why she isn't a credible source on this issue, at least for patriotic Americans. Those who put libertarian ideology or corporate profits ahead of the interests of U.S. citizens are quite welcome to consider her a credible source. In the article she comes out against the Graham-Schumer amnesty plan due to, among other things, its national ID card component. [2] She also suggests waiting...

Joel Kotkin grossly misleads about California's problems - 07/07/09

At Forbes, Joel Kotkin offers "Who Killed California's Economy? /There are five suspects, from the governor to the constituents themselves" (link).

World Economic Forum (Davos) pushing global governance, global TV, Law of Sea Treaty - 01/27/09

The World Economic Forum will be meeting in Davos starting on the 28th, and see this for all the details on one of their key documents as well as the media sources that haven't disclosed the fact that they're sponsors as well as much, much more. Here's a snippet: "The Global Agenda 2009" report says that "sovereign states do not adequately address problems reaching across borders" and that "international taxation" may be needed to generate the "additional resources" for "global governance... ...As current global governance problems come from market failures, sovereign failures and...