Joel Kotkin /Mark Schill promote a "North American Energy Community" (how the EU started)

Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill offer "Go north young man", a globalist screed calling for the creation of a "North American Energy Community" (link):
...A U.S.-Canada energy consortium - with the eventual involvement of Mexico - provides us out from our fundamental geopolitical dilemma: how to grow our economy while reducing our dependence on imported energy and, over time, carbon-emitting fuels. This could take the form of something like a North American Energy Community, which would help coordinate research, development and environmental resources across the continent...
It goes on. I left the following comment, although more could be said:
What these two are proposing is obviously intended to go beyond simply an "energy consortium" and would involve some form of governmental structure of some kind. Bear in mind that the EU started out simply as an "energy consortium". Their "North American Energy Community" would eventually - over a period of decades - grow into some form of "North American Union", with the U.S. Constitution subjugated to a trilaterial agreement.

Obama's fans might want to note that he's already signaled which side he's on: almost a year ago, Obama came out in support of Bush's The SPP is a highly secretive scheme - conducted without Congressional oversight or with much of any media interest - that seeks to "harmonize" regulations between the three countries.

Perhaps Kotkin could come back with a more detailed disclaimer, this time indicating who's behind the various organizations with which he's associated.
If anyone has information regarding that last, please leave a comment. Kotkin is affiliated with Chapman University, the New America Foundation, and the Center for an Urban Future. Walter Russell Mead of the Council on Foreign Relations and other worthies serve on the board of the NAF, but where exactly they get their money from isn't clear.

Note also that their piece was linked to by Insty (, who says: "Read the whole thing. Especially if you’re Barack Obama." Obviously, Insty doesn't know where BHO stands, or is just misleading his readers.