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Tim Hannan
Islip Terrace, NY
New York, born & raised. Disgusted by Trump and his enablers. Average citizen turned activist. Let’s turn #NY02 blue. #Resist
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From @nathanTbernard
Jack Posobiec tried using @bumble_app to cheat on his wife then got banned from the platform. What a fucking loser…
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From @nathanTbernard
The plot thickens @JackPosobiec @bumble_app
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From @nathanTbernard
Mike Cernovich was convinced Jack Posobiec's @bumble_app profile was fake because his photos were so bad lmao…
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From @TimHannan
@nathanTbernard @bumble_app @Cernovich The lighting is bad for selfies in Trump’s rectum.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TimHannan: if you really want to undercut Trump and his enablers, amnesty is how to do it. He's now given his proxies a horrible choice: break from Trump to oppose amnesty, or support Trump's amnesty & forever alienate a good part of their base? Use that to destroy careers.