Daniel Hannan says "free movement of labour" will continue, despite Brexit. See who hyped him.

From the Daily Mail [1]:

A leading Tory Brexiteer has insisted quitting the EU does not mean the numbers of people coming to Britain will be slashed - and claimed Vote Leave never said it would.

After a bitter referendum battle dominated by immigration, senior MEP Daniel Hannan insisted the Vote Leave campaign had only ever demanded control and not a specific number.

The campaign, led by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, did refer repeatedly to the Tory manifesto pledge of getting met migration each year down to the 'tens of thousands'.

The publication of statistics at the end of May revealing net migration running at 330,000 exploded the issue of immigration to the heart of the referendum battle.

Mr Hannan infuriated BBC Newsnight host Evan Davis with his claims last night, hours after the result revealed a sensational win for Leave.

Mr Hannan insisted shifting Britain to a Norway-style relationship with the EU that frees the UK from political integration but maintains access to the single market was 'feasible'.

And the MEP said this would mean 'free movement of labour' but not the right for EU citizens to gain other benefits...

Back in 2010, I warned about Daniel Hannan when he started the UK Tea Party and that warning has proved quite accurate.

However, around the same time (and even up until the Brexit vote), most of the loudest voices in the Tea Parties sphere were quite enamored of Hannan. They either couldn't figure out that he supports mass immigration, or they were on the same side as him.

Those promoting Hannan in the past include:

Please take a minute and contact one of those listed above to ask why they weren't on to Hannan from the start.

[1] peekURL.com/zzuNZTm