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Scott Eshom
Alexandria, VA
Using tech to solve probs that matter I Prev @sethmoulton #2020 pres campgn @tradecraft @GoldmanSachs @USArmy #SpecialForces #GreenBeret @5thforces #miltwitter
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From @craigtimberg
SCOOP: Macedonians took over "Vets for Trump" Facebook page -- and operated it with impunity for months. A long, st…
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From @ScottEshom
@craigtimberg Great journalism. Thank you for publishing
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ScottEshom: @craigtimberg is just paid to push the corporate/establishment line, mostly for Bezos. Now he cheers Youtube/FB censoring name of whistleblower & wants TWTR to be even more pro-censorship than they are. I oppose publishing that but censorship is Ebola culturally.