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Does Katherine Rodriguez of Breitbart truly oppose illegal immigration? - 02/15/20

Does Katherine Rodriguez of Breitbart News sincerely oppose amnesty and illegal immigration, or is she just using it for clicks? Let's find out. Rodriguez blogs "Flip-Flop: Amy Klobuchar Says English Should Not Be Official Language of U.S." (link). It's a standard issue gotcha piece:

Deleted Breitbart comments - 09/23/18

This is a running list of my comments that Breitbart News has deleted for showing them and their audience wrong. Note that some of these are on threads supposedly opposing censorship.

Jackie Speier unwittingly exposes how Trump Wall would completely fail - 05/20/18

For years, I've been accurately predicting how Donald Trump's grand plans would fail miserably. I've been pointing out that "Trump Wall" is a bogus plan because Congress would simply move to neglect it, defund it, or tear it down after Trump leaves office.

Joel Pollak supports amnesty, he just wants Trump to get a good deal - 01/08/18

Joel Pollak of Breitbart News supports an amnesty for illegal aliens, he just wants Trump to get a good deal as part of his sellout. Pollak writes [1]: President Donald Trump outlined the basic structure of a DACA deal on Sunday. The so-called “Dreamers” — illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as minors — would be able to stay legally in the country, but only if a border wall is built.

Ann Coulter helps MSM yet again: DREAMers are "heinous", "anyone would want to deport them" - 12/26/17

On the video below [1], Ann Coulter says DREAMers are "heinous" and "anyone would want to deport them". That type of talk only helps the MSM: DREAMers are a highly protected group by the establishment media and the Democratic Party. Coulter is playing right into their hands, giving them a bogeyman they can use to push their agenda. All Coulter is doing is making things even easier for them.

Doug Jones helps Roy Moore by opposing Trump Wall in an idiotic way - 11/19/17

Per Fox News [1]: Alabama Democratic Senate nominee Doug Jones says it’s “absurd” for the campaign of GOP opponent Roy Moore to characterize him as an “ultra-liberal.” “That’s pretty absurd,” Jones told Fox News’ Peter Doocy on Saturday at a fish fry in Birmingham. “You know, that’s their only hope. I mean look, they’re in desperation mode right now.”

Breitbart downplays Trump congratulating Erdogan's win - 04/18/17

From "Trump Congratulates Erdogan on Turkey Vote Cementing His Rule" [1]: President Trump called President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey on Monday to congratulate him on winning a much-disputed referendum that will cement his autocratic rule over the country and, in the view of many experts, erode Turkey’s democratic institutions.

Trump is no help against anti-speech far-left (Milo, Berkeley riots) - 02/02/17

Yesterday, an appearance at University of California at Berkeley by Breitbart News lightweight provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was canceled after far-left, anti-speech activists got violent (link):

Lee Stranahan spins Trump's weak-on-terrorism Muslim ban (Breitbart) - 01/29/17

Trump's Pravda - aka Breitbart News - has a series of posts frantically trying to explain away the mess that Donald Trump and their former CEO Steve Bannon have created with Trump's Muslim ban.

Trump's Alt Right trolls viciously attack those too incompetent to stop Trump - 10/21/16

Donald Trump has a fair number of supporters from the "Alt Right": white nationalists who don't hide what they support. They tend to be nasty people who can't make valid arguments but instead rely on iconography, memes, and so on.

Breitbart News chief will now run Donald Trump's campaign - 08/17/16

Donald Trump has shaken up his campaign again, naming the head of Breitbart News to run his campaign [1]:

Daniel Hannan says "free movement of labour" will continue, despite Brexit. See who hyped him. - 06/26/16

From the Daily Mail [1]: A leading Tory Brexiteer has insisted quitting the EU does not mean the numbers of people coming to Britain will be slashed - and claimed Vote Leave never said it would. After a bitter referendum battle dominated by immigration, senior MEP Daniel Hannan insisted the Vote Leave campaign had only ever demanded control and not a specific number.

Scott Walker supports mass immigration, probably including amnesty - 11/20/13

As usual for those in the Koch family sphere, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker supports large-scale immigration. That is, a system where many more people could come here legally than do so currently.

Examples of August townhalls that fail to do anything about immigration reform (amnesty) - 08/03/13

One of the best ways to block comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty, aka any form of mass legalization) is for its opponents to use the Question Authority plan at this month's townhalls.

AFP is misleading you, Bush hasn't "ruled out amnesty for undocumented workers" - 03/22/06

Drudge is linking to the Agence-France Press article "Bush rules out amnesty for undocumented workers" [1]: President George W. Bush said he was opposed to amnesty or automatic citizenship for the some 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. Amid an intense debate over the issue among US lawmakers, Bush on Tuesday ruled out amnesty for illegal immigrants but said he favored a "guest worker" program that would provide legal status for workers for a limited time period...

Michael R. Blood / AP biased report on "National Day of Protest" - 01/08/06

The AP reports on the "National Day of Protest" against illegal immigration in the Drudge-linked "Few Drawn to Illegal Immigration Protests" [1] by Michael R. Blood. The very first paragraph contains a highly misleading statement: Illegal immigration protests organized across the country Saturday drew small numbers, and some were outnumbered and out-shouted by those who support immigrant rights.