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Fred Guttenberg
Parkland, FL
My daughter is Jaime Guttenberg. She was murdered in Parkland Florida on February 14, 2018. I will dedicate the rest of my life to the cause of gun safety.
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Q: What would it take for Republicans to put country over party and support impeachment? Speaker: "I can't answer…
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From @RaeAnnEmerySAG
@grantstern @fred_guttenberg “I am not on a timetable, I am on a mission” - Nancy Pelosi. I want this quote on a t-shirt. #NancyPelosi.
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Chances of GOP voting to eject Trump are extremely slim. Anything sort of ejection only helps Trump with his Deep State narrative. IOW, Grant *helps* Trump MT @RaeAnnEmerySAG [thinks a cheap, pre-planned Pelosi quip is meaningful] MT @grantstern [GOP has taken an oath to Trump]
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.@GregAbbott_TX has blood on his hands. Not only has he been the @nra’s most obedient lapdog in refusing to undert…
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@NoRA4USA @fred_guttenberg @GregAbbott_TX @NRA Walmart purchase? Weapons should not be open carry or available- sen…
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Is that the case here, or aren't you being a racist & jumping to conclusions? Were Omar Mateen & Nidal Hasan white supremacists? @EileenDwyer6 MT @h_jbuchanan ...senseless attacks in the Lonestar State are the result of white supremacy...