Is "Barack Obama" a complete scam? (Philip Berg lawsuit; Indonesia)

Could "Barack Obama" be a complete fake? Hillary Clinton supporter and decades-long Democrat Philip Berg is suing Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), claiming he's not eligible to be president. From this:

the Plaintiff, Philip J. Berg, a Philadelphia attorney, alleged that Defendant Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible for the Office of the President because Obama lost his U.S. citizenship when his mother married an Indonesian citizen and naturalized in Indonesia. Plaintiff further alleged that Obama followed her naturalization and failed to take an oath of allegiance when he turned 18 years old, to regain his U.S. citizenship status. The lawsuit raises not only the Indonesian citizenship issue but also questions whether Obama was a citizen of Kenya.

The last move in the case appears to be that Obama and the DNC are trying to block discovery; see this.

I wish Berg well, and I think there's maybe a 5% or so chance he's right. And, if he's right it would certainly be sweet. However, while I'm sure the suit was filed in good faith, issues like this serve as a bit of a dangerous distraction. In other words, please don't count on him being right but instead concentrate on the things that we already know.

Despite that, I suggest sending this interview with Berg (via to everyone you know. I suggest sending a variant on the previous paragraph too:

UPDATE: The docket is here. And, GOP establishment hack Ed Morrissey comments on the video here. While he echoes my comment above about not counting on this and instead concentrating on easier to prove things, he also shows his GOP hack side by calling Berg a "truther" (I didn't bother looking into that because it doesn't really matter to this case and it might be a smear). He also retails the BHO supporter line that there's no there there, sounding a bit like a BHO apologist.

The problem is that, looking over the October 9, 2008 response, while some of the things in there are a bit onerous, I fail to see why someone who wants to be president of the U.S. won't release his "vault" (long form) birth certificate, the "certified copy of Obama's Oath of Allegiance taken upon age of
majority", "Certified copies of Obama's Application and Admission forms for Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School", and "Certified copies of any Court Orders or legal documents changing Obama's name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama". In fact, it's more than a bit suspicious that BHO isn't rushing to turn that over and put this behind him. Aren't those reasonable requests for someone who, once again, wants to be president of the United States?

UPDATE 2: See also this Hillary Clinton complaint about the actions of BHO's supporters at the Nevada caucus.


Question - why would Obama lose his citzenship if that Indonesia guy was not his father?

Because then Obama would be deemed to have renounced his United States citizenship.

we know what obama is and can we stop this pig? I don't think so for many political race reason, one thing is he is black and all of the little rats inside government are totally under the PC Code! and above all other ideals the symbols do count and obama is now a symbol to most people and that is the big show that the one world people had to get and it will murder us as a people, fact is we as a free nation are dead,dead,dead,is missed by many.

@KAB got it, but still confused. Obama mom seperated with his kenyan father at two. So you are saying that when she remarried the Indonesia guy, his mom renounced Obama's citzenship? Kind of a stretched considering he was only 6 or so and what benefit would it do?

yes Mark Vanderloo she hates the USA. but this is what comes of allowing 60 percent of congress to be foreign born and many who hate our freedoms and when the ruling class hate its own nation and people its time to get off your ass and make the right move to remove the enemies of freedom from your own government and when that government attacks your kids and wants to replace you with others its time to take that government out of the hands of evil doers. and that means anyway you can! See: Bill of rights someday soon people will be shot for what i have written down and that day is about here with OBama or McCAIN! Become the head monkey in washington.

Fred, I don't know if she hates the USA as not much if anything has been said about here. But in any case, if this is true why did she only renounc obama's citzenship and kept hers? You would think she would renounce both. How do I know she did not? Well i think i read somewhere she ended up back in Kansas and I know for a fact that Indonesia does not allow non-indonesia to get citzenship (a fella i work with is indonesia interestingly enough). So if she had renounced her citzenship how is it possible for her to come back to US?

btw I am writing in Ron Paul as I cannot stand either other candidate.

Ed Morrisrey is the most worthless piece of shit ever to grace a webpage. Ditto for Allahpundit. These employees of Michelle Malkin can be blamed for losing this election, since they never supported anything resembling a conservative. They are like cannibals, eating their own.

Show me the forms proving that YOU changed your name from Barry Soetoro. Your "logic" is remarkable. Show me that forms prove that Barack changed his name from Mickey Mouse. Your birth record red herring has already been disproven over at -- people interested in truth. I'm sure they're really biased and all, but they have photos of the actual document, actually in their hands. As for why the vault form isn't released, there are no forms or mechanisms in Hawaii for obtaining one's long form. Every organization which has requested and received a copy of the birth certificate, from the Secretary of State in Hawaii to the State Department has said that his birth certificate is suitable proof of his birth in the US. Yet, we are supposed to question his eligibility based on the word of a cut-rate blogger with a clear, unabashed bias and only a passing familiarity with the truth?

"As for why the vault form isn't released, there are no forms or mechanisms in Hawaii for obtaining one's long form." If you believe what a Hawaiian partisan government official says. Glad to see you accept the public official's excuse (who has a bias in favor of B. Hussein Obama) without question. Looks like you seem to have a firm grasp of the truth as well, in the firm tradition of leftist Orwellian PC. I think we would prefer to see an actual document rather than a questionable photgraph, but as they say, "Ignorance is strength, comrade." If and when they decide to cough up an authentic document, I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, B. Hussein Obama's citizenship remains questionable. What is without question, however, is the fact he is a black nationalist who hates this country.

So the "argument" is that the government of the state of Hawaii is conspiring to cover up the "fact" of Barack Obama's non-American birth? Okay, well I thank you for demonstrating exactly the caliber of thinking which is required to hold these kinds of views. No doubt there will be some other sort of objection if you had the actual document in your hands. What about the microfiche of the Hawaiian newspaper which shows the announcement of Barack's birth? No doubt a plant by rogue, Communist librarians, right?

Yeah definetly not an obama supporter here but frankly this is pretty flimsy to think that he is not a US citzen. So basically what you are saying is that the state of Hawaii, the Foreign Council Relation Committee (where he is a member in the senate) and the whole Democratic Party (who i agree are a bunch of nitwits most of the time) are all in cahoots to hide obama's citzenship?

If Sen. Obama hand delivered his original birth certificate to these idiots on a silver platter, they'd still have doubts about it. As for Philip Berg, he thinks Bush so much for his credibility. has the birth certificate; do the research. Or keep posting your crazy conspiracy theories; the more you post, the more your guy sinks in the polls. Instead of hiding behind all this crap just admit it-you don't want the black guy to win. I can't believe such backwards thinking still exists in 2008.

You believe a government official, a registered DemoRat. I also have a bridge for sale for you. Cough up the certificate and be done with it. All I am saying is that I am skeptical. a microfiche in a newpaper? That is some pretty hard evidence. You must have studied science at community college. You believe the government, fool. The DemoRats were not so forthcoming about John Edwards now, were they? "Instead of hiding behind all this crap just admit it-you don't want the black guy to win." Nice race card, but we don't play that here. Take your self-hating white guilt somewhere else. We don't want a BLACK NATIONALIST in office. If Ward Connerly were running for president, you could not get me to the polls fast enough.

Senator Obama's birth certificate has passed the same test as every other Presidential candidate's certificate. The only reason that's not good enough for you is because you are an idiot who reads NewsMax, so you have these stupid theories about his non-citizenship. I agree, keep talking about this. Tell it to everyone you know, shout it from the rooftops. Try to get on TV so that everyone knows the awful conspiracy. BTW, nice counter on the racism angle. Isn't that basically "I'm not racist, some of my favorite politicians are black."

No one has seen the original Mr. Shit Stain. Put up or shut up. I don't care what color someone's skin is, is is their policy positions that matter to me. You, however, seem to be so concerned about the color of someone's skin. You do not know what my race is either, so go on playing the race card if that is all you have. You have lost the argument when you resort to ad hominem, like a typical leftist dolt. Now back to your community college studies, comrade.

Senator Obama has provided the same credentials as all other candidates. You have provided no reason why he should do more.

Obama is covering it up. DNC is covering it up. The media is covering up. Factcheck is covering it up. And when the court rejects these claim, I'm sure the court is covering it up too. Somehow they are unable to cover up the Ayer's talk. Obama has all these organization in the palm of his hands. With all that power and influence, he might as well be president. Oh, this just in: the world is flat, scientific community largest cover-up!

_Now back to your community college studies, comrade._ And liberals are the elitists!? Just out of curiosity, where did you get your degree and what was your major field of study?

You might be interested to know that Philip Berg also made the same demands of the John McCain campaign, and McCain also refused to release his birth certificate and other documents. That lawsuit was also thrown out of court. If it were no big deal, then why hasn't McCain released HIS birth certificate, hmm? Could it be because he knows Berg is a nutcase and doesn't want to bother catering to every whackaloon who comes down the pike? Makes me wonder how come everyone's talking about his "lawsuit" against Obama but nobody's talking about his identical lawsuit against McCain. Berg is a "9/11 Truther," by the way. He has sued in Federal court to have Dick Cheney and George W Bush arrested for treason and war crimes.

Obama is not a scam but the true Heartbeat of America. The haters will see he will make the world a better place.

You are Right Obama is the Heartbeat of America and not a scam like some ignorant people blast. Changes are happening.