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Anti-Russian takeover of the United States. Real Americans do not just sit back and let Fascism happen. Equally hated by the Radical Left and the Radical Right
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From @dcpoll
NEW: The DOJ Inspector General's report on the FBI's Russia probe to be released Monday is expected to reject Trump…
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From @dcpoll
@adamgoldmanNYT @charlie_savage The long-awaited IG report is expected to criticize aspects of the early stages of…
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From @dcpoll
@adamgoldmanNYT @charlie_savage BREAKING: It's official, the DOJ Inspector General concludes that the FBI had ‘auth…
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From @snowrose2222
@dcpoll @adamgoldmanNYT @charlie_savage So there were some clerical errors?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@snowrose2222: re @charlie_savage blog "Report on F.B.I. Russia Inquiry Finds Serious Errors but Debunks Anti-Trump Plot... [it] punctures many conspiracy theories." Can you spot what's wrong with his blog & his thinking in general?