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ADL lies, smears in "Rage Grows in America: Anti Government Conspiracies" - 11/18/09

The Anti Defamation League has a new report entitled "Rage Grows in America: Anti‑Government Conspiracies", which contains at least one major lie. And, it's a lie that you probably won't hear anyone else discuss, namely the one in the section about the "Birther" movement ( Despite the fact that government officials in Hawaii and non-partisan groups have all authenticated Obama's birth certificate, the “birther” movement continues to gain adherents. 1. Government officials in Hawaii admit that they've never authenticated the...

OMG: Van Jones is a Truther! (oops: so is an Insight Magazine writer) - 09/03/09

Amanda Carpenter of the Washington Times informs us that "Green jobs 'czar' signed 'truther' statement in 2004" [1], referring to Van Jones signing the statement here. There are a couple problems detracting from the WashTimes' scoop:

Berg lawsuit over Obama citizenship dismissed; didn't have standing - 10/25/08

The Philip Berg lawsuit against Barack Obama in which he claimed that BHO wasn't eligible to be president due to not being an American citizen has been tossed. According to judge Barclay Surrick, Berg didn't have standing, saying: If, through the political process, Congress determines that citizens, voters, or party members should police the Constitution’s eligibility requirements for the Presidency, then it is free to pass laws conferring standing on individuals like Plaintiff. Until that time, voters do not have standing to bring the sort of challenge that Plaintiff attempts to bring in the...

FWIW: Berg says has tape of Obama's grandmother discussing BHO's birth in Kenya - 10/23/08

Picture a gigantic, flashing neon sign saying, "it might be true, but we need actual evidence" as you read this: [Philip J. Berg, Democrat and a former deputy attorney general for Pennsylvania] has confirmed he has a recording of a telephone call from the senator's paternal grandmother confirming his birth in Kenya... ..."This has been a real sham he's pulled off for the last 20 months," Berg told Savage. "I'll release it [the tape] in a day or two, affidavits from her talking to a certain person. I heard the tape. She was speaking [to someone] here in the United States." Just release it...

Has Barack Obama (legalistically) admitted his COLB is a forgery and he's not a U.S. citizen? - 10/20/08

I tend to be very doubtful of this, but I'm linking it here anyway just in case it turns out that Obama has fled the U.S. tomorrow. According to Philip Berg - he of the lawsuit challenging Barack Obama's eligibility to run for president - the defendents (BHO and the DNC) only had 30 days to respond to Berg's laundry list of admissions, which includes various things that would make BHO ineligible to run for president.

Where was Barack Obama born? In Hawaii? In Kenya? Somewhere else? - 10/19/08

(Please see the Obama citizenship page for the latest.) Was Barack Obama born in Hawaii, or Kenya, or somewhere else? He claims to have been born in Hawaii, but no definitive proof has been provided. It is a false statement to definitively state that he was born in Hawaii, as some media sources have done. The most they should state is that there's a very strong possibility that he was born in Hawaii and he claims to have been born there, but some reporters and other sources cross the line into pretending that the matter has been settled. The matter has not been settled, and in fact...

Is "Barack Obama" a complete scam? (Philip Berg lawsuit; Indonesia) - 10/11/08

Could "Barack Obama" be a complete fake? Hillary Clinton supporter and decades-long Democrat Philip Berg is suing Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), claiming he's not eligible to be president. From this: the Plaintiff, Philip J. Berg, a Philadelphia attorney, alleged that Defendant Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible for the Office of the President because Obama lost his U.S. citizenship when his mother married an Indonesian citizen and naturalized in Indonesia. Plaintiff further alleged that Obama followed her naturalization and failed to take an oath of allegiance...