Change to Win, AFL-CIO join to push immigration "reform"; ditching big business; labor commission

Julia Preston and Steven Greenhouse of the New York Times offer 'Immigration Accord by Labor Boosts Obama Effort" (link). The AFL-CIO and the Change to Win federation (which includes the Service Employees International Union) have joined forces to push comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty.

This is a continuation of the plan that was outlined in Soros-funded Democratic immigration push might ditch business interests involving a commission to manage future immigration levels. The unions want the basic components of "reform", but they also oppose a large guest workers program. This doesn't sit well with the US Chamber of Commerce, whose Randel Johnson says:

"If the unions think they’re going to push a bill through without the support of the business community, they’re crazy... There’s only going to be one shot at immigration reform. As part of the trade-off for legalization, we need to expand the temporary worker program."

And, Tamar Jacoby says:

"The question is, Will the commission work? ...Will it be adequately attuned to and triggered by the labor market? A system that may - or may not - supply the workers that business will need in the future after the recession will be a cause of great concern to employers."


Tamar really cares--about what business 'needs' (translated: wants). By that standard, we'd still have slavery, child labor, no worker rights, etc. They are addicted to illegal/guestworker labor and just can't imagine life without it. The truth: life would go on and America (what's left of it from a sovereignty standpoint) would be better off without it.

Tamar is probably making sure that she lives in gated community.She won't have to worry about the hordes of impoverished gang bangers she is ushering into the country. But even she will suffer when her money is raided to pay for the mountains of welfare needed to support the third world cesspool she is clamoring for...