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Dennis Croskey
Kansas City, MO
Retired HS teacher, coach, principal. Reader, dog lover, history buff, traveler. Royals, Chiefs, BBQ, Springsteen & ESB. Lists, red Xs, gun nuts = block.
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From @page88
.⁦@JoyceWhiteVance⁩ goes through the cards in the hand of Trump’s defenders — and it’s a whole lot of nothing. Why…
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From @dkxkee
@page88 @TheRickWilson @JoyceWhiteVance His only "defense" will be that most, if not all, GOP Senators will vote to…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dkxkee: @JoyceWhiteVance⁩ & @page88 might as well be working for Trump. Anything short of ejection *helps* him & he won't be ejected. For 4+ years, Trump has been absurdly vulnerable to his base on many issues. Those two simply lack the smarts to use those vulnerabilities.