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Doug Irving /OCR, United Way help banks profit from illegally-earned money - 02/01/10

At the end of 2008, Arnold Schwarzenegger launched "Bank on California", a California state program that encouraged the "unbanked" to open bank accounts. Since the "unbanked" are largely illegal aliens and since their wages are earned illegally, California's governor is using state resources to help private companies profit from illegal activity. Now, Doug Irving of the Orange County Register offers "Poorest of poor urged to use banks" (link) about an affiliated local effort called "Bank on Santa Ana" ( In his report, he tells his readers nothing about the immigration...

"Bank on Los Angeles": city helps corrupt banks profit from illegal activity - 03/25/09

The City of Los Angeles recently announced a new public-private partnership called "Bank on Los Angeles" ( that's designed to help 10,000 low-income residents who don't have bank accounts ("the unbanked") open up accounts. It's also open to illegal aliens [1], and that means that Los Angeles City will be encouraging corruption by helping major banks profit from money that was earned illegally.'s idiotic anti-stimulus video contest ("Bailout Prize Patrol", Snowe, Schumer) - 03/03/09

The website is conducting a video competition seeking the best 30-second humorous video regarding the various bailouts. And, as a promotion for that they made a "humorous" video of their own involving a "Bailout Prize Patrol" (modeled after the Publisher's Clearinghouse campaign) for which they tried to give Citibank et al a check for $30 billion at the same time as giving invoices to regular citizens.

Chase, Citibank, Laredo National Bank get desk inside Mexican consulate in San Antonio - 11/21/07

From this: The Consulate General of Mexico signed an agreement Monday with three U.S. banks that could make Mexican nationals more comfortable with the banking industry. Chase, Citibank and Laredo National Bank will take turns each day manning a desk in the Mexican Consulate on Navarro Street [in San Antonio]. They will answer questions for Mexican nationals about financial services and products with the hope of eventually turning them into customers at area branches. "In other areas of the U.S. — New York, Los Angeles, Chicago — we have had a presence in consulates for years," said...

Citibank "recruiting" illegal aliens for home loans - 02/06/06

Hello, Democrats! You want to talk about corruption? How about talking about a form of corruption that will actually resonate with most Americans? From "Home-buying program has cash, controversy. Undocumented residents being recruited for loans": ACORN members, advocates on housing issues for low-and moderate-income people and Citibank have quietly recruited applicants in the county for more than a year... But the market is vast and the level of interest in the program is high, especially since the loans typically offer below-market interest rates, down-payment assistance and require no...

"Protesters decry Lipinski's vote on immigration bill" - 12/30/05

From this: Hispanic community activists gathered Wednesday in front of the office of U.S. Rep.

Home loans for illegal aliens: Fresno TV station tries real reporting - 11/20/05

KFSN ABC-30 out of Fresno tries a little real reporting on the issue of banks giving mortgages to illegal aliens. It's not an in-depth report, but it's more than other sources have done. They report on the experiences of an illegal alien known only as "David". It includes this: But getting a loan from the bank almost didn't happen. An employee from the bank called and said it seemed they had a problem. The problem was David's social security number ...

"Conferring Legitimacy, This Card Draws a Crowd" - 09/27/04

In "Conferring Legitimacy, This Card Draws a Crowd", the L.A. Times discusses a visit of a friendly Mexican consul to south Orange County to pass out ID cards that the FBI considers a security threat. It has the standard bits, ending with a heartwarming vignette about one of the new ID cards ("Matricula Consular" cards). It even contains yet one more reason to boycott CitiBank: ...while waiting for their cards, hundreds listened as Citibank employees gave out banking information.