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It’s more complicated than that. E pluribus unum.
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From @axios
ICE has arrested about 250 foreign students for immigration violations because they enrolled in a fake university c…
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From @bluebirdbeck
@axios that’s... definitely not legal, and even if it somehow is, *so* far past being ethical.
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From @VerityPace
@bluebirdbeck @axios Apparently @ICEgov has been doing this type of elaborate sting since at least 2013. Basically…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@VerityPace: indeed. "University of Farmington" goes back to Obama. Oddly enough, @stefwkight doesn't seem to have spelled that out for the "OMG!! TRUMP!!!" crowd, for some odd reason. (ICE tactics are a separate topic than her tactics; she shows again she & #Axios deceive.)