Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) calls DHS agents "Gestapo agents" (Gebe Martinez/Politico)

Alleged U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez - Democrat from Illinois - is quoted in the article "Push needed for immigration reform" (politico . com/news/stories/0808/12321.html) by ethnocentric hack reporter Gebe Martinez as saying:

"You know who is in charge now? The Gestapo agents at [the Department of] Homeland Security. They are in charge... I think it is election season, and they have decided it did not work for us one way [with comprehensive reform], so let's try to exploit it politically another way" through harsh enforcement."

ICE is not happy:

A senior ICE official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Julie L. Myers, the assistant secretary of Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was "absolutely appalled and deeply angered" by the statement. The official said Myers would send a letter to senior members of Congress asking that disciplinary action be taken against Gutierrez' for his remarks... ..."It's not OK," [Jamie Zuieback, director of congressional affairs for ICE] said. "Aside from being demeaning to the law enforcement officers that uphold the very laws passed by Mr. Gutierrez's Congress, it's potentially dangerous. No member of Congress should be encouraging the public to defy or demean federal law enforcement officers. Words matter."

Gutierrez didn't respond to their request for comment. The last link notes that California Democratic Rep. Sam Farr said this to Myers in February:

"What happens is the public image of you becomes one of not this compassionate law enforcement agency but essentially a Gestapo-type agency that is knocking on doors."

Others who've said similar things include Peter Schey, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Stillmore GA mayor Marilyn Slater, NJ nursery owner Chris Ruske, immigration attorney Casey Wolff, Joe Mota of the United Farm Workers. Those who've come close include Nancy Pelosi, the New York Times editorial board, and NY grower Maureen Torrey.

As for the rest of the Politico "news report", I don't know why the Politico gives Gebe Martinez the time of day considering her extremely biased reporting, for instance:

In May, hundreds of federal agents stormed into the Agriprocessors Inc. plant, rounded up workers like cattle and chuted them through a pre-scripted legal process that cut off their legal rights to defend themselves against unusually harsh felony "aggravated identity theft" charges.


This is clearly a violation of the oath these sworn members of Congress have taken. Too bad there aren't any real penalties for these traitorous enemies of this country because of the spineless Congress refuses to do anything about it. They support an invasion of this country, a clear violation of the sworn allegiance to the sovereign, so they should be swinging from a gallows for their treason.

Hey, the man is simply supporting 'his' country, whereever/whatever it is. It's not the U.S. for sure. I think a lot of these weasels will pay dearly since they are not squeaky clean. Most law officers stick togather so the weasels will have to be careful everywhere they go. The man will have an eye on them. Never insult a man with a gun who knows how to use it.

So I guess it would be OK if I called Gutierrez a spic. Or maybe a greaser. Wouldn't it? I hope so. I wouldn't want to do anything wrong.

_Hey, the man is simply supporting 'his' country, whereever/whatever it is._ Luis is a Puerto Rican, therefore he was born a US citizen. He is under the delusion that his support of mass amnesty could someday pay off and propel him towards his primary ambition of being Mayor for life of Chicago. His large clan of Puerto Rican race hustlers would then become the equivilent of the Daleys. Yet if the est 300,000 - 500,000 Mexicans living illegally in Chicagoland got amnesty and citizenship, they would most likely vote for one of their own caudillo for Mayor, not Luis. But it is hard to convince Luis of that. Funny how the media outside of Chicago takes Gutierrez seriously at all. In Chicago Luis is seen pretty much as a comic stooge of the Chicago machine who was always involved in one screw up after another and was finally rewarded with a specially drawn permanent congressional seat inorder to keep him out of town and out of trouble if possible. The late Mike Royko pretty much called him a two faced crook, race hustler and an idiot whenever possible. Luis district is the also one of the most wildly gerrymandered in the nation. It is literally is held together by the median strip of I-294 See for yourself:'_4th_congressional_district. It is 74% hispanic. When prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald finishes with Tony Rezko, Auchi and Obama, he should take a look at slick Luis. I am sure there is plenty of stuff to nail him on.

_He is under the delusion that his support of mass amnesty could someday pay off and propel him towards his primary ambition of being Mayor for life of Chicago._ Look at the % of black vote that Obama gets.

eh, After the death of Harold Washington the conventional wisdom was that only a minority candidate could be mayor of Chicago. Well after the chaos of the late 1970s and 1980s, voters decided to settle for Mayor Daley. Just like they voted for Rudy G. over Dinkins in New York. Yes there is lot easy shots to be take at Daley Junior. He is not the sharpest tool in the draw, but the city could have done far worse. And Illinois politics in general has a fairly high tolerance for corruption, Dupage and Cook counties especially. But fact remains that Chicago does work as a major city. Folks are not going to allow that to be pissed away by the likes of slick Luis.

||amajockey, Its not a high tolerance for evil and corruption its a spaceship around mars corruption. The city is a gangland start.