New York Times editorial: stop the "ugly" immigration raids!

Someone has to do it, so let's look at the latest New York Times immigration editorial entitled "Stop the Raids" (link). Because of recent and apparently sloppy immigration raids on Long Island, the NYT is now calling for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be much more careful. However, it's pretty easy to see that no matter how careful they were - perhaps even going as far as allowing the ACLU and the Mexican government to tag along for the ride - the NYT would find something to complain about. Because, for them, what's important is that there are 12 to 20 million people here who are enriching crooked businesses and confering political power, and sending those people home would cost those businesses money and cost politicians power.

Armed squads bursting into homes in the dead of night with shotguns and automatic weapons, terrorizing families and taking away anyone who lacks identity papers, even if they have raided the wrong house. It may sound like Baghdad, but it is the suburbs of New York City, the latest among hundreds of communities around the country where federal agents have been invading homes and workplaces in search of immigrants to deport... Federal officials say the raids are a focused campaign to catch gang members and other fugitives. That would be good if Immigration and Customs Enforcement were carefully extracting the dangerous criminal sliver from a population of 12 million illegal immigrants.

Yes, take the "criminal sliver", but leave the rest since they're making money for someone.

The NYT is a supporter of immigration "reform", which would include ramped-up enforcement. So, either the NYT would look the other way when post-"reform" enforcement "terrorizes" people, or they'd just keep printing editorials like this in an attempt to discourage post-"reform" raids. Their characterization of ICE enforcement actions as something approaching the Gestapo isn't exactly a hopeful sign for those who think they'd support future enforcement.


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"Criminal sliver"? So they've got data on the incidence of crime among illegals? Why don't they show us that data? And where'd they get it?

_"Armed squads bursting into homes in the dead of night with shotguns and automatic weapons, terrorizing families" "the dangerous criminal sliver from a population of 12 million illegal immigrants"_ Why doesn't the NYT sympathize with the far more numerous victims of the far more numerous members of the far more brutal MS-13, Eme, and myriad other violent invader gangs? Why do they minimize that aspect of the story while blowing the immigration "crackdown" completely out of proportion?

I already use The Boston Globe for my dog's 'Doodies'......only because my brother buys it to see what the "The Boston GAY Immigrant"aka "The Boston Globe" has to say today.....I wouldn't bother to waste a dime on the NYTIMES..I was thinking the other day how mad I am at them and most of the other newspapers....I used to love to dissect the paper each and every Sunday...No More....I've had to give up my favorite pastime...I know propaganda when I read it!!! SEND THEM ALL HOME!!!

Not Ugly just a joke out of 1000 picked up over 90 percent are back home inside the USA. the real raids will be on you just wait and see.

I guess the NYT is disappointed that American citizens are not going along with their rosy portrait of these so-called 'law-abiding' individuals that are so selflessly giving of themselves to improve the US. Any cost-benefit analysis of illegal immigration would show that the costs (social, ecomonic) outweigh the benefits to this country. The American people are sick of broken promises to improve the illegal immigrant situation. We said never again after 1986 and we meant it.

Check out this article chronicalling crime victims of illegal immigrants: (excerpt) CRIME VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS There is an enormous number of Americans who have been harmed by the criminals who pass through the nation's open borders. For that reason, this section can only provide a symbolic tribute to the many unnamed victims who have been killed, raped, robbed, crippled and otherwise personally violated. It is particularly shocking that even in post-911 America, the government still refuses to protect the people in the most basic ways from the world's terrorists and criminals who enter at will to do as they please. The borders remain a sieve while the human carnage from crime perpetrated from illegal aliens continues to mount. In another stunner of INS malfeasance, the agency often cannot even manage to deport dangerous criminal aliens when they reach the ends of their prison terms.