Nancy Pelosi opposes immigration enforcement, says agents are kicking in doors

Responding to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus complaining about the House leadership not supporting "comprehensive immigration reform", aka amnesty, Nancy Pelosi said the following today:

"I am frustrated, too... And as I have said since the day we took over here, we're not going to have an immigration bill unless the president takes the lead on it. There is no way to have a partisan immigration bill. And we saw what happened in the Senate on it... [the CHC's concerns are] very legitimate... In homes across America, people's homes are getting kicked in and families are being split and so I understand their frustration with this... In order, though, to have any compromise, even something that falls short of comprehensive, which is what I support, we're going to have to have presidential cooperation and more than that, leadership... The principles of the Hispanic caucus are the principles of the [House Democratic] Caucus: secure our borders, enforce our laws, keep families united. Even his holiness, the holy father when he was here, Pope Benedict, spoke about unifying families. To have some kind of insistence that people who are here be here legally."

Not to put too fine a point on it, she's basically portraying legitimate ICE enforcement as the Gestapo, something usually reserved for non-lawmakers. I'd imagine that very few attempts at arrest of criminal aliens even involve kicking in doors, and I'd imagine that in almost all cases that was justified. If she were complaining about individual cases that would be one thing, but to have a lawmaker oppose enforcement of our laws in this way should be beyond shocking.

Statements like this are part of a pattern for Pelosi; in 2003 - speaking in Mexico - she accused ICE of "terrorizing" people.


Pelosi's own city invites illegals and is heading for the same third world cesspool they created in LA. I just had a vision of an angry surly mob carrying torches stampeding her home when they finally take over. Ala Marie Antoinette she will go down in flames when the end comes. If these open border lunatics get their wish that is the only good thing that will come of it. Her phony platitudes for illegals won't save her big fat axe then!!!

The fact the Nancy 'Botox' Pelosi is Speaker shows how low the country has sunk. For confirmation, see the current slate of presidential candidates.

I for one find it harder ever year to be patriotic. I NEVER thought I would say that, ever! But let me tell you, being here in So. California it is appearent that things are not what they were even just 20 years ago. If our damn elected officials dont give a sh*t about our Country and Culture let alone our legal Citizens.......what the hell can we do besides a revolution? It is like a slow death that is hard to watch. Makes me sick beyond discription

Pelosi is a absolute disaster for Democrats. She sold out the party's base over the economy, trade, and Iraq so she could suck up to Bush over immigration. She could very well end up being a single term House speaker.

Ever notice this correlation? The louder a person complains about mixed status families the bigger supporter they tend to be of policies which *create* mixed status families. If mixed status families are so bad, you'd think they'd be interested in preventing them but this doesn't seem to enter their mind. However, they are quick to offer an after-the-fact 'solution' and it's always the same: amnesty. Going forward when nothing changes? Another amnesty... 'so I understand their frustration with this...' That's Edward Kennedy-esque: total sympathy for those in VIOLATION of immigration law (illegal aliens and those who harbor them) and zippo for citizens who want RULE of law. And that's being generously neutral--there's a lot of contempt and belittling of those who want rule of law on immigration, e.g., the recent unfiltered thoughts of Obama.

Well yes the pelosi family has a hell of alot of business in mexico city if you know what i mean? so she would hate to see her father, runners stopped, if you know what i mean? Stop the BS You are all under the control of our enemies.

Anonymous it's ok to be non-patriotic if your country has disappeared, its ok to fight against the corrupted system that made it disappear and what i mean about fight is just that a system that hates its population is your enemy.

Fred, I think its very clear who the enemy's of representative government are........... 1. Current Administration 2. Both parties 3. Global Corporations 4. Rich Elites 5. Main Stream Media 6. United Nations 7. Leftists 8. All the race based advocacy groups 9. Chamber of Commerce 10. Ignorance

What Pelosi and Co don't mention is that those "mixed status" families are often simply people whom the US has either allowed in legally or amnestied stabbing the US in the back by harboring and assisting their illegal alien friends and relatives. I have no more sympathy for them than I would for an otherwise law-abiding citizen who falsely provides an alibi for his criminally inclined brother to keep him out of jail. And remember: Family reunification produces THE LARGEST group of LEGAL immigrants. If we amnesty the 20+ million illegal aliens we have now, as soon as possible we'll be flooded with their extended families. What is the likelihood of the current group of largely unskilled and uneducated people having relatives who are any different?

D is right. Whether you want go with 12 , 20, whatever million, it is not mentioned enough that is just to start and the ultimate number would end up many times higher. This much bigger number is NEVER mentioned by the pro-amnesty proponents for obvious reasons. Amnesty is sold as giving a break to those already here; it's a harder sell that it is really a massive expansion of new immigration. The percentage of citizens who want higher levels of immigration (including legal) is very small.

Anonymous you are right. "People its not going to be 12 or 14 million people its going to be the world coming here for food and money and to get-away from wars and the price tag you will pay will be you life". I was right about the real cost of the iraq war from the start and i am right about the total dismantling of this nation...SEE Alex Jones a good place to start but understand Alex Has his own agenda and we do have a cancera in our government and that will do-away with us all, and what did that guy say about the walls of jericho? But maybe God will help you? Buy Guns.