Luis Gutierrez, Joe Baca don't want federal enforcement in "their" communities

Putative U.S. Reps. Luis Gutierrez and Joe Baca offer an editorial called "Mr. President, stop your raids on our communities" (link). Discussing everything wrong with it would take too long, but:

1. What exactly does "our communities" mean? I'm pretty sure they aren't referring to the localities they represent, but have something more ethnic nationalistic in mind. And, what right do they have to order the federal government to stop enforcing our laws? Taken the next step, are they claiming there's a Latino Nation inside our nation, and they're it's representatives?

2. As with others, they pretend they'll support enforcement after an amnesty is granted ("We can all agree that we need Immigration reform that is tough on enforcement.") Yet, everything they complain about would apply after "reform" as it does now. Does anyone believe these two racial demagogues would do a 180 and support post-"reform" enforcement?

3. They compare the conditions in the Third World ("abject poverty, meager wages, poor working conditions, paltry access to legal counsel and a jarring lack of fairness in the courts") to that which illegal aliens undergo. Not only is that extreme hyperbole, illegal aliens put themselves in their positions and almost all can escape their current conditions simply by abiding by our laws.

4. If their only concern was alleged abuses, they'd probably get more support if it wasn't clear that their goal is to prevent enforcement in order to increase their political power.

5. Is it in the best interests of the U.S. to give Gutierrez and Baca more power than they have now? (The answer is a very loud 'no').


Lonewacko, you nailed it at number one. I doubt Gutierrez has any clue as to the magnitude of the blowback he unwittingly cultivates. Sow the wind...

They are for RECONQUISTA...I have no doubt of that.

Gutierezz and Baca don't want federal, or for that matter, state or local law enfocement bothering "their" communities. But you can bet your bottom dollar that they always agitate like heck for all manner of federal, state and local funding, accommodations, services and sanctuary be provided exclusively to and for "their" community.

Mary and Phoede you are both right. Edward This pig for Mexico City understand it all he needs his Army of the third world here to do his evil work. The blowback someday will be the mass murder of white Americans and any other who understand what freedom real means. This shit rat of mexico city gutierrez may as well be working for Bin Laden or Hitler, I have No Doubt that the Bush Rat NOW IN RED CHINA is helping La Raza to murder The USA. Buy Guns.

Fred you were almost there and then your BDS showed up and made everything you said just so much BS. Insanity is not curable.

I agree. After years of reading "buy guns" I've had enough. Fred needs to start his own blog instead of dumbing down this one. Please?

I dunno ...I used to think that those like Fred who said "buy guns"...and Alex Jones were just I'm not so sure ....I'm beginning to think it will come to that...think we may all need to have guns at the ready as anarchy takes a stronger hold on the country. I know if I lived on the border I would already have a gun -loaded and ready..... Esp since I think they will start to take them away from Americans. You can't deny that Illegals are given carte blanche to commit crimes and disobey the law in this country while American citizens are forced to pay the price. Just when do we start to defend this country? because it may already be too late... Lou Dobbs of CNN and what he pays in property tax: 14 acres for $26.03 annually 31 acres for $146.94 annually 30 acres for $238.08 annually 62 acres for $414.78 annually 43 acres for $368.28 annually 90 acres for $597.06 annually 270 acres for $1,793.27 equals $6.64 (six dollars and sixty-four cents) an acre for property tax

scrapiron you can always have my head cut off, after the mexican Reds take power in all areas of the former USA. Buy big Guns!

If being patriotic is dumb then Im all for it. Now what were we talking about?