Just 30 people set federal policy

Imagine, if you will, a group of thirty people. Five groups of six people each will do. Keep that image in your mind:

With agents clad in dark riot gear looking on, about 30 activists gathered outside the Border Patrol station in Temecula on Monday to protest recent immigration sweeps in Southern California.

Meanwhile, thousands of U.S. citizens have phoned and emailed the DHS and other agencies in support of the sweeps. Yet, somehow, the illegal-alien-supporters win out. Odd, no?

Perhaps it's because those in Washington are afraid being called names:

"We're organized and we're ready to fight this Gestapo-style movement," said Joe Mota, who represented the United Farm Workers at the demonstration.

(BTW, BugMeNot.com is a great resource)


An administration that admits to not reading the papers, evidently doesn't realize that they have nothing to lose in terms of media support. Apparently, they don't look at the election returns either, or they would know that it is dozens of times harder for them to get a minority vote than one from the majority. In such naive ignorance, they are capable of capitulating to a leftist who says 'gestapo' about law enforcement. They would fold like that, rather than realize that the majority are trusting them with the defense of the country from foreign aggressors, but will lose confidence if our enemies are appeased so conspicously.