Hispanic Caucus has excellent advice for Obama: Hillary as Veep, immigration reform in 1st hundred days

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In the past, I've considered the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to be simply a group of mostly vile racial demagogues whose only interest is in support of others of their race even if that's done at the expense of everyone else.

But, I was wrong! In actual fact, they're keen observers of the political scene who are now offering extremely valuable advice that Barack Obama is urged to follow (link):
Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) must commit to helping illegal immigrants achieve citizenship or else risk losing the vital Latino vote in the general election, Hispanic Democratic lawmakers are warning.

If he does not promise so-called comprehensive immigration reform, the lawmakers say, the only other way to win over Hispanic supporters of his erstwhile rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.), may be to pick her as his running mate...

...[CHC Chairman Rep. Joe Baca (D-Calif.)]... said that the CHC will be looking — but not necessarily asking — for Obama to make as strong of a pledge as Clinton did to putting comprehensive immigration reform on his "first 100 days" agenda...

Obama’s campaign coordinator for Spanish-language media, Vince Casillas, said that while Obama has promised to take up immigration reform in his first year in office, he has not yet laid out his detailed plan for comprehensive reform...
If anyone has a blog at Obama's site, please use it to help Obama see the light on this issue. Just don't let it be known that I suggested it, the BHO campaign might think I was trying to hurt their chances or something.

Also mentioned: Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Figueroa (National Latino Vote Director for Obama), who'll be meeting with the CHC.

In addition to Baca, those quoted include Reps. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.)

Note also this "interesting" comment:
"But Latinos are brand-loyal, and after the Clinton brand, the McCain brand is the second-strongest among Latinos because of his military service and his immigration record," [Cecilia Munoz, the senior vice president of research, advocacy and legislation with the National Council of La Raza] said.


Joe Baca you say? Well he is an elected beaner who just like his fellow amigo's Fabian Nunez and "one bill" Gil have an agenda that is not in the best interest of all US citizens. And what will the future hold if we give these lawbreakers amnesty and the keys to the Country? Well I assure you it will only get worse.......much worse! You can expect a flurry of pro lawbreaker and anti American Laws in the next election. The Cure? We should draft a bill that says in effect: If you submit a bill that favors foreign lawbreakers over US citizens then you are automaticaly removed from office because of a conflict of interest. It is obvious these scum are biased to the core and only care about there own race. We can call it the: "Not Juan More Act"

Wouldn't that be classic: a (still, but for how much longer is anyone's guess) majority white America elects a 'person of color' as President and one of the first things he does is stick it to Whitey by inviting more brown ones to come on down. There's more than one born every minute I think.

'Hispanic Democratic lawmakers are warning' They do that a lot, don't they?

eh, IMO we are going to have a GOP White House and a more Democratic Congress. About the only piece of legislation that these 2 groups will agree upon is CIR - amnesty, even more massive imigration with family reunification (aka chain migration), and the attendant shredding of the US middle/working class. It's no accident that the one issue - immigration - that more than any other unified "just plain folks," who contacted their representatives in record numbers, is being pointedly ignored in the campaign. The MSM won't bring it up and the candidates certainly won't because they know they are on the wrong side of that issue as far as the average US citizen is concerned. After the new President and Congress are sworn in though, they'll cooperate in shoving amnesty down our throats....

This situation sickens me.I wish someone would object to McCain at the convention and throw their hat in the ring...As it is we are offered one traitor or the other. Talk about having no choices.This country is already overtaken by traitors and we had better wise up. But how????

the fight when Obama becomes president for life will be about how many millions of blacks he can get to the USA soon, The other fight will be how many Hispanics can the brown leaders get to the USA And the yellow leaders just will send money home and all the old chinese reds will come by the millions. the whites will be removed one by one under new race laws, one by one, its going to be fun to watch, buy guns.

D Flinchum, You are too pessimistic. I think Obama will implode under the weight of all of his loony leftwing(Rev. Wright, Ayers, Dohrn, Kahlidi..) and corrupt foreign connections Auchi, Rezko.... Also I think Obama's wimpiness will show even though he can be counted on to pander like mad to the Hispanic radicals. Because the ANSWER loons, anarchists and MEChA crazies will still show up in Denver and cause trouble. Or at least scare the shit out of Middle America. Obama will try telling them to behave, but they will tell him to go F'off. That means McCain will be President. However, there is already good reason to doubt McCain will serve a second term due to age. So do you really believe he will wreck his presidency pushing "CIR" in 2009? Because if he does, not only will "CIR" fail there will hell to pay during the 2010 midterms. And I would sure as hell expect that McCain would face a serious Restrictionist Republican primary challange in 2012. Furthermore, I suspect that the Democrats will pick up seats in the Senate and House. But the likelyhood is that you will be seeing lots of loyal Bushie/Gingrich era pro-Open Borders Republicans being replaced by a combination of mostly Blue Dog Democrats along with some centrists and Anti-Outsourcing Progressives. Hell the reason so many Republican Representatives decided not to run for reelection is that after being strong armed by Karl Rove into supporting McCain/Kennedy they caught holy hell back in their disticts. The stress was too much for them and they decided to retire. The trend of the 2006 elections should continue where Restrictionist Blue Dogs like Brad Elsworth and Heath Schuler were elected. The three congressional seats won by Democrats in special elections this year were all by Centrist to Conservative Blue Dogs who are opposed to the "CIR" because they feel it will bust Federal and State budgets. All the ridiculous primary challanges funded by the pro-Open Borders left-wing ActBlue pac against Restrictionist Democrats either failed to make any inroads at all or in fact backfired completedly. If I am wrong, please name any House races with the Pro-Open Borders agenda is expected to add Congressional seats. In the Senate you either have races where an Open Borders Democrat could replace an already pro-Open Borders Republican or you have races like Oregon where Jeff Merkly who is opposed to "CIR" and supports the Enforcement model is running against the Open Borders Republican Slade Gordon. Also my bet is that in races such as Minnesota, the loyal Bushie Republicans like Norm Coleman will end up beating stridently Pro "CIR"/Multiculturalist Left-Liberals like Al Franken by moving to the Restrictionist side. Sure Coleman may end being another Kyl who goes back on his word once elected, but either way the Democrats will have learned that being pro "CIR" only works in the Bluest of states where there exists a large Latino ele