Inside a "National Alliance for Human Rights" meeting (Joe Baca)

The National Alliance for Human Rights is led by UCR professor and pro-Aztlan extremist Armando Navarro. Two members of the Minuteman Project attended one of their meetings at a public library on February 13 and report. If they could have taped it that would be best, but this is probably accurate. They apparently didn't get Navarro saying anything overly inflammatory, but the audience members seem like a piece of work. As you read this, note that three staff members representing Rep. Joe Baca were there (the audience apparently didn't think Baca was doing enough for them), and note also that the New York Times gave Navarro three paragraphs without disclosing his extremist views:
..."There was talk of how poorly Latino children are doing in school. White people were blamed. Talk about raids at work sites by ICE. White people were blamed. Talk about not enough Hispanic school teachers. White people were blamed. Talk about imprisonment of Latinos. White people were blamed," Hvidston recounted.

"People stood up and gave testimonials about white people being the cause of poor education, prison sentences, police brutality… They used slang such as 'gavachos' to refer to white people."

...Navarro is planning a march for March 17th in San Bernardino. He said they will be calling on cities such as L.A. to join them. He said if civil disobedience is needed to stop any future ICE raids, so be it. One man stated that if guns and violence are needed, they should use violence to overwhelm the white people. He encouraged the community to take what they want by overwhelming and overpowering force...


This is the kind of rhetoric and hatred
which makes we want to see the government schools, as such, be shut down.
Whatever the starting level of racial hostilities may be, having organs of state propaganda work so hard to inflame them, is very dangerous.
Officials have no other way to win the dictatorship that they apparently want, except by starting civil war and racial, ethnic or religious bases.
Our tax money is being used for indoctrination of this kind, and it doesn't get reported much at all.