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Gulf Coast
Check my bloodline B!&$%!!!!!
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From @jdawsey1
Several White House officials who hate tariffs note June 10 is still two weeks away — and there will be time to try…
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From @santoroski
@jdawsey1 How do you not feel sick in the soul to write these words? What has America come to?
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From @cdn515
@jdawsey1 I truly believe this is a distraction..2 weeks from now he's going to say that Mexico has really started…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@santoroski: @jdawsey1 loves what Trump does: more clicks. Even if he wanted to he's not smart enough to figure out how to undercut Trump: - Call Trump/his proxies on how the next admin will roll back anything he does. - Call them on ignoring pull factors (i.e., Big Biz).
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@cdn515: distraction or not, Trump is not going after the root cause: Big Biz/Dem leaders. If Trump perp walked Western Growers or Tyson Foods execs, illegal immigration would greatly diminish. @jdawsey1 can't call Trump/his proxies on that because he's also in Big Biz' pocket.