Raul Grijalva, Congressional Hispanic Caucus: lack of immigration "reform" is "spineless"

Yesterday the Congressional Hispanic Caucus complained about the failure of other Democrats to support "comprehensive immigration reform", aka a massive amnesty.
...Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona called the Democratic caucus "spineless."

"Today my party wants to do what is easy, not exactly what is right," said Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois. "The leaders in our party who are arguing for consideration of helping just a few immigrants are risking the future of all immigrants."

Rep. Joe Baca, D-Calif., who chairs the Hispanic Caucus, said the visa and other bills under consideration were "nothing more than a Band-Aid being used to cover up a gaping wound."
One factor in provoking their outbursts was the SAVE Act from fellow Dem Heath Shuler:
If a Democratic majority can allow such a hearing [on the SAVE Act], "then we are no better than the Republican majority we replaced," Gutierrez said.

The lawmakers refused to identify names but said the piecemeal approach wouldn't be happening without the consent of top House Democratic leaders...
Nancy Pelosi blamed it on president Bush and the GOP, then said yet another stupid thing today.


Grijalva, Gutierrez, Baca -- what do these names have in common? It could be a game show question.

Answer: Who are 3 anti American beaners?

The SAVE act might just prove to be the only way for many purple state Democrats to avoid losing their seats. The Northern California Democrats (Pelosi, Tauscher, Lofgren...) the Hispanic and Black caucuses are leading the party to disaster. I guess slick Louis would rather hand the House back to the Republicans. What an absolutely delusional idiot. I love it when Lou Dobbs lets Louis Gutierrez come on his show. Louis is such an Open Borders zealot he alienates just about anybody who has yet to make up their minds on the issue. Almost as effective as another reconquista led May 1st rally.

I am anti Mexico city rule but most of our government loves the ideals of mexico city and its drug dealers in power, so what do you do when you hear little mexican shemales like Baca or grvalva and that pig Gutierrez buy guns for THE coming race war that will be started by your enemies here inside the Former U.S Government which is now in the hands of others. By the way I listen to Rush He had a guy on today talking about what the black Rulers will do to the USA If Obama is not nominated for President, and if he is not selected by you as president this so called country will be Buried by the black population isn't that nice? Can we say rule by evil doers? if this is what has become of our system its time to remove our enemies before that enemy can remove us all. Buy Guns or become the dead inside a camp system.

Do we have a white Caucus if not why not? or isn't it P.C.?

I have to agree the lack of reform is spineless, it's the kind of spineless government inaction that leads to civil war or national collapse. History is littered with empires that collapsed from mass immigration, debt and warfare. History is also filled with succesful nations that have maintained their sovereignty for hundreds of years through good border protections and limited immigration, immigration is the fastest route to nation annihilation.