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Blair Nathan
Illinois & Florida, USA
Mostly anti-SCALE American nationalism, but also some animals, trains, & whatnot when I feel like it.
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From @Steve_Sailer
"It's All About the Benjamins" wasn't a mathematical estimate by the Somali Muslim Congresslady, it was a mildly am…
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From @Blair_A_Nathan
@Steve_Sailer I do think that, in addition to the influence of money, there’s a kind of transference or false consc…
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From @Ashok__Deshmukh
@Blair_A_Nathan @Steve_Sailer ^ this is fractally present in how the same baby boomer conservative men (not you,…
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From @Blair_A_Nathan
@Ashok__Deshmukh @Steve_Sailer I see you’ve gotten ahold of the “Women of Turning Point USA” fundraising calendar.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Blair_A_Nathan: stock GOP talking points like "Tupac!" aren't going to stop Kamala. The only thing that'll stop her is making anti-amnesty arguments that appeal to her base & undercut her to them. Is @steve_sailer doing that, or is he just reblogging stock GOP talking points?