Letter: last 100 conservatives who support Senate amnesty bill must band together!

A group of about 30 conservatives have sent an open letter to the rest demanding that they band together and support the Bush/Kennedy/Kyl massive illegal alien amnesty bill. The letter itself is full of half-truths, such as their claim that "it will make sure that the law is enforced first, before any other provisions of the legislation take effect". Actually, the semi-legalization would occur immediately, and the government would only have 24 or 48 hours to turn down someone's application.

Here's a list of some of the signatories, with the rest in the extended entry:

* Jack Kemp, former New York congressman

* Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida

* Ken Mehlman, former chairman, Republican National Committee

* Tamar Jacoby, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute

* Michael Gerson, senior fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

* Hector Barreto, chairman, The Latino Coalition

* Lawrence Kudlow, economics editor, National Review Online

* Linda Chavez, chairman, Center for Equal Opportunity

Two others are open/loose borders "economists", Gregory Mankiw, professor of economics, Harvard University; Donald J. Boudreaux, chairman, Economics Department, George Mason University. You can see an example of the latter's thinking abilities on display in this post. The first was a signatory to the similarly childlike Open Letter on Immigration. As previously discussed, some of the first picking up the recent David Leonhardt smear of Lou Dobbs were similar "economists", although not those two.

Another is Robert de Posada, president, The Latino Coalition. He also has a link to First Data/Western Union, a company that profits from illegal immigration.

James Q. Wilson, professor of public policy, Pepperdine University

Bill Paxon, former New York congressman

Ken Weinstein, CEO, Hudson Institute

Charlie Black, chairman, BKSH & Associates

Mike Murphy, Republican strategist

Francis Fukuyama, professor of political economy, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

Max Boot, senior fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

Richard Gilder, partner, Gilder Gagnon Howe & Co., LLC

Jeff Bell, principal, Capital City Partners

Steven Wagner, former director, Human Trafficking Program, Department of Health and Human Services

Philip I. Levy, resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute (Philip Levy)

Kevin Hassett, director of economic policy studies, American Enterprise Institute

Jerry Bowyer, chairman, Bowyer Media

Clint Bolick, senior fellow, Goldwater Institute

Gary Rosen, managing editor, Commentary Magazine

Joseph Bottum, editor, First Things

John McWhorter, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute

Larry Cirignano, Catholic activist

Pancho Kinney, former director of strategy, White House Office of Homeland Security


Here is my letter to conservative leaders. Same goes for democrats and republicans. Leadership starts with you. Lead this Nation first and foremost in our sovereign right to exist. Our right to have borders that are defended. Lead us all by example in common respect for our Constitutional law. Kill this bill. If nothing else, strip it of all amnesty, visas or paths to citizenship. Keep the enforcement part, if you feel you must write something, then actually DO IT. The current law is adequate, compassionate, and it IS the law. It calls for the humane and just penalty of deportation. Do it. Now. And do it with patriotic pride and enthusiasm. There must be no reward whatsoever for the lawbreakers. There will be none for you either, if you do not defend this Nation. And most important, all reference to furthering the SPP must be stricken. LaRaza and the chamber of commerce are constructs, not Citizens, and they did not build, or die for America. Pay them no mind. Listen to the words of the People, your fellow Countrymen. Listen to your own heart and soul, if you will not hear ours. It is this Nation that you did derive from, and to whom you owe your complete allegiance, your life, liberty, home, and future. Defend the borders, immediately. Do these things, and we can talk about the future.

Thank you Jeebie. but also have the letter state one more thing, To the cartel leadership do you want your heads on a pole? if this bill become law?

These are all the TRAITORS that have been promised positions in the new North American UNION....They are becoming desperate..."Mexican desperados", mucho dinero comes there way if plan goes thru..to hell with the country!! THEY ARE Treasonous TYRANTS!!!

Howdy, Fred. If our leaders actually take the time to read this bill, they will find it is a knife in their own backs, too. I hope they will read, carefully, and guaranteed they will vote NO as loudly as they can. Definitely agree, Mary. The list of names of open borders amnesty folks who still call themselves conservatives is hard to believe. Some of those conservatives in name only, moved so far left even democrats have been left sucking air, saying "What the hell just flew by?" So far left they forget to turn in their phony conservative nametags first. They seem mighty eager to get their hands in our wallets, erase a few laws and borders, and give away our property to any beggar or business, from any country, who wanders by.

Amusing how McCain mentioned the Native Indians sovreigntry in the debate...he respects that but to HELL with the USA's sovreigntry...That man is a disgusting TRAITOR!