40 Questions Neel Kashkari Refuses to Answer

[UPDATE: Kashkari smeared me on the radio for asking him these questions]

California GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari refuses to answer tough questions about his immigration policy.

Yesterday he guest-hosted the John and Ken show on KFI in Los Angeles [1] and solicited questions from social media. Yet, he answered few questions and completely ignored 40 questions I tweeted him about immigration. It would have been hard to miss my questions: during one 30 minute period he received 30 tweets, and 20 of them were from me. He hasn't blocked me, and he appears to be managing his own Twitter account.

So, obviously, Kashkari doesn't want to answer tough questions about immigration and his particular policies.

Why is that important? Imagine you were going to hire a dog catcher for your local community. One of the applicants simply refused to answer questions about dogs, dog catching, and other aspects of the job. Would you hire that dog catcher?

Kashkari wants a job with a lot more responsibility than dog catcher. He wants to lead a state with 37 million people and the eighth largest economy in the world. Immigration is one of the top issues in the state, and it impacts everything else. Massive lower-skilled immigration is the primary reason that our education system (education is Kashkari's signature issue) is in the shape it is.

Kashkari wants more immigration, and even if whatever education reforms he has in mind work, they'll be undercut by his immigration policies. Kashkari opposes the high-speed train between Los Angeles and San Francisco; that plan would have never gotten anywhere if massive immigration hadn't given so much power to the Democrats in the California legislature.

Tim Donnelly thought he was running in Tea Parties hotbeds like Texas or Alabama. Kashkari thinks he's running in states where immigration isn't such a vital issue like Maine or North Dakota. Donnelly was a charlatan to a good degree, but Kashkari takes it to a whole new level.

Want to do something about this? Choose one of the questions below to him at @NeelKashkari and demand he answer it. Send this post to his supporters and point out to them that he refuses to answer questions about his policies. Even if someone has a "anyone but Jerry Brown" mindset, if pressuring Kashkari on immigration causes him to be better on the issue, that will improve his chances of winning.

Here are the questions I asked, in chronological order. I removed unnecessary hashtags. Please choose one or more and send them to Kashkari, demanding an answer. Or, ask him the same questions at one of his public appearances using the Question Authority plan and upload his answer to video sharing sites:

  1. college slots are finite; every slot that goes to an illegal alien was taken from a citizen. Will you oppose DREAMAct?
  2. you want to legalize millions of illegal aliens. Will that give more power to the far-left, yes or no?
  3. will the mass legalization of illegal aliens you want give even more power inside US to the Mex. govt, yes or no?
  4. after mass legalization, will some ex-illegal aliens move up in job mkt & compete w/ Americans they couldn't before?
  5. after mass legalization & some ex-illegal aliens moving up in job mkt, will there be fewer crop-pickers etc.?
  6. because of that, won't growers take steps to enable future illegal immigration as they do now?
  7. Limbaugh proposed subsidizing growers to hire Americans instead of illegal aliens. If your plan is better, explain how.
  8. is farm labor heavily subsidized? Ie, farmworker w/ 2 kids in school isn't paying for that schooling.
  9. you based your stance on more STEM immigration based on what hi-tech execs say. Is there the possibility they're lying?
  10. can you think of any downsides to skilled immigration? Hint: does braindraining other countries harm them & USA?
  11. list at least 2 specific downsides to comp. immigration reform that you can think of.
  12. will comp. immigration reform be a massive amnesty for businesses that knowingly hired illegal aliens, yes or no?
  13. CA Student Aid Commission joined w/ Mex. govt to promote college grants to illegal aliens. How will you oppose that?
  14. since you no doubt want more farmworkers, name *one* independently verified case of "crops rotting" due to lack of workers.
  15. pretend you're Obama, Reid, or Pelosi for a second. Why do you want immigration reform so much? What's your motivation?
  16. why do USChamber, Walmart, & McDonalds want immigration reform so much? What's their profit motive?
  17. you want higher STEM immigration. Are STEM wages increasing at a rate that would indicate that there's a shortage?
  18. are most unemployed Americans physically capable of doing farm labor, yes or no? Not "want to do it", but "can do it".
  19. would many unemployed Americans temporarily do farm or similar labor if they were paid enough?
  20. illegal aliens can only get some jobs. When legalized, they'll be able to get any job they're qualified for. Agreed?
  21. legalized drywallers will be able to compete w/ American construction workers they couldn't compete with before, yes or no?
  22. re: Limbaugh's plan to subsidize unemployed Americans to do farm labor, if your plan is better explain how.
  23. 1 illegal alien & 1 similar US citizen apply for one college slot. Who do you give it to? So, will you oppose DREAMAct?
  24. Federal Reserve takes a cut of $ illegal aliens send home (Directo a Mexico). Is that a moral hazard, yes or no?
  25. in 2004, GWB's FDIC joined w/ Mex. consulate in Chicago to give home loans to illegal aliens. Is that something you support?
  26. Arnold S. started "Bank on California", with mbr banks opening accounts for illegal aliens. Is that a moral hazard?
  27. besides comp. immigration reform or mass deportations, can you think of any alternatives or is it just those two?
  28. one alternative is attrition. If you disagree with attrition, please explain exactly why.
  29. at current rate, it'd take 5-10 years to do FBI background checks on 10 million illegal aliens. Is that feasible?
  30. will less-than-FBI quality background checks be a security risk?
  31. Sheldon Adelson recently claimed we need to choose between mass deportations & comp. immig. reform. Is that a false choice?
  32. if you legalized illegal aliens w/ no chance at citizenship, how would ACLU, NCLR, LULAC, SPLC, etc. respond?
  33. NCLR gave award to someone who'd earlier proposed genocide. Head of NCLR at the time even got ambassadorship. You oppose?
  34. if 100 doctors emigrate from Zambia to USA, what impact does that have on Zambia? What impact will that have on USA later?
  35. is illegal immigration an example of corruption, in that some politicians look the other way for personal gain & donations?
  36. about how many ppl around world have lower incomes than Mex. mean income? Within a billion is OK.
  37. Sheldon Adelson claimedd today's immigration is just like that of yesteryear. Can you list some differences btw then & now?
  38. David Koch joined with George Soros to give $10 million to the ACLU. Whatever else you think of him, do you oppose *that*?
  39. is it accurate to call USA a "nation of immigrants"? Citizens & immigrants are disjoint sets. Shouldn't it be "of citizens"?
  40. Fabian Nunez wanted ICE to lay off "responsible" employers of illegal aliens like Am. Apparel. Will you oppose that?

[UPDATE: Kashkari smeared me on the radio for asking him these questions]

[1] As can be seen from entries a decade ago, John and Ken used to aggressively oppose illegal immigration and amnesty. However, after an incident involving remarks they made about Whitney Houston, they've gone soft. They're completely in the bag for Kashkari, as was Kashkari's co-host Shannon Ferrin and the following host Tim Conway Jr. The four hours Kashkari spent sounded like "GOP Radio" as he brought on down-ticket candidates, wasn't called on anything by Ferrin, and simply spouted the party line.