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Christine Leath
Reader, writer, resister. Views are my own.
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From @neal_katyal
This is an excellent piece by ⁦@ThePlumLineGS⁩ on the implications of Giuliani’s statements yest.
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From @ChristineLeath
@neal_katyal @ThePlumLineGS He thinks he’s getting away with it. And why not? Most of Trump’s inner circle and toad…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Rudy's an incredible mismatch for Trump's appeal: he extolled Rockefeller, he took TTC $, he's an amnesty fan, etc. All huge vulnerabilities for him. Neal simply isn't smart enough to use them. MT @ChristineLeath [no va] MT @neal_katyal [hypes toothless anti-Giuliani blog]