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John and Ken, Eric Garcetti harm Los Angeles at KFI mayoral debate - 03/02/17

Earlier today, John and Ken of KFI in Los Angeles held a debate featuring all the candidates for the upcoming mayoral election, except for Eric Garcetti. Garcetti and his handlers are afraid of him being asked tough questions or being made to look foolish.

John and Ken deceive about Trump's Muslims and Mexican comments - 11/09/16

On today's John and Ken show on KFI, the hosts deceived about Donald Trump's idiot initial comment about Mexicans and his idiotic Muslims and regions bans.

Jim Brulte harms California GOP with a far-left concept - 07/20/16

John and Ken of KFI interviewed California GOP Chairman Jim Brulte today at the GOP Convention.

"Operation Gonzales": Bryan Suit's dumb, racist, futile attempt to impact 2nd Amendment in California - 07/03/16

Bryan Suits is a radio host on KFI in Los Angeles, and he's launched "Operation Gonzales" to try to prevent California legislators from restricting gun use.