Why George W Bush should be shunned

George W Bush is currently trying to rehabilitate himself and getting help from many rightwing/tea parties-style sources. Here are some of the reasons why he should be shunned now (and why those same sources should have shunned him then but couldn't find their tongues):

1. Lying us into a war that cost $3 trillion. That's *trillion*. (source here).

2. His 2004 guest workers plan was like a massive H1B plan, but designed to apply to almost every type of job; they specifically named teachers and nurses (see that video). Bush's anti- and un-American scheme would have flooded the U.S. with low-wage, higher-skilled foreign labor and would have reduced many previously middle-class wages to near world levels.

3. After Katrina, his crooked scheme - one Democratic Party leaders like Harry Reid helped him with - involved moving Americans out of New Orleans and moving in illegal aliens who were then employed by subcontractors working for Halliburton and similar companies working on largely no-bid contracts. That had huge social and fiscal costs: Americans were warehoused on welfare instead of working to rebuild their own city, the Mexican government established yet another beachhead in the U.S., rebuilding money that could have stayed in the U.S. was instead partly sent back to Mexico in remittances, and we'll be paying the medical bills for those illegal aliens who worked in hazardous conditions in coming decades, and on and on.

4. In a campaign video, Bush waved a Mexican flag and spouted reconquista-style comments.

5. On a trip to Mexico, Bush pledged to pass amnesty to the Mexican government and the Mexican people.

6. Five million additional illegal aliens were allowed to stay in the U.S. thanks to George Bush. He could have enforced our immigration laws and reduced the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. Instead, he allowed that population to grow.

Bush is a quisling; he's a traitor in all but the legal sense.

And, those who said little or nothing about any of the above (and all the rest) as they were happening or all the other negative actions against the U.S. that Bush took are now trying to rehabilitate him and even going as far as putting up "Miss me yet?" billboards. Bush is out of office, but that doesn't mean you can't work to hold his supporters accountable for continuing to support someone who did such damage to the U.S.