Harry Reid wants amnesty for illegal aliens who are taking jobs that could go to Katrina victims

It's important to read between the lines of this report:
WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid today urged Congress to press for immigration reform this year, citing Hurricane Katrina as the latest, high-profile illustration of the need to help Hispanic immigrants who are "living in the shadows." [he means illegal aliens, not "immigrants" -- LW]

Reid said some immigrants whose lives were devastated by Hurricane Katrina aren't seeking government aid.

"They're afraid to ask the government for help for fear of what the government will do," Reid said today. "The one entity that should be helping them, they are afraid to ask."

...Reid backs legislation introduced by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., that would allow undocumented workers to apply for a work visa. If they keep working, break no laws, and study English, in six years they would qualify to apply for citizenship, according to the bill...

..."All over America, we have people who are living in the shadows, unable to contribute to society," Reid said.
To see where Reid or his handlers might have gotten their ideas, see the post "AP: Illegal aliens who shouldn't be here hardest hit by Katrina". That, the similar NYT article it links to, and Reid's comments about "immigrants" sound almost identical in their description of these "immigrants'" plight.

Clearly, Harry Reid and the Democratic Party think people who've entered our country illegally deserve a better break than our own citizens who've been left unemployed by hurricane Katrina.


The dirty jobs are what no american will do, so why such a fuss about hispanics/ illegal immigrants getting those jobs. At least they aren't stealing they are earning an honest living.

Hispanic immigrants who are "living in the shadows"

It's beyond insulting for a US Senator to 'speak in euphemisms' in this way.

No doubt about it. Rebuilding New Orleans is about to become one of those "jobs that Americans won't do."

If they are 'unable to contribute to society,' as by paying taxes or whatever it means here, doesn't that in itself disqualify them? If 'contribute to society' means something unspeakable, more like ' unable to contribute with high efficiency to the multiplication of those on net public subsidy in high degree', that would also disqualify them. Why do our officials want to do damage to the net taxpayer? Are they subhuman; why do they try to increase the aggression?