George Bush, the reconquista president (Mexican flag waving video)

president george bush waving mexican flag video

In 2004, the Bush reelection campaign mailed out a video to Latinos, and the article "Bush's Immigration Message Undermines His Message on Terrorism" [1] informs us that you can see it at [2] (also embedded below). This is the video that was discussed in "Bush uncovered: he doesn't know what country he runs", and it features our president waving the flag of Mexico, apparently at a (Mexican) Independence Day festival in 1998. The circumstances under which it was shot don't matter so much considering that it's on a video designed to appeal to "Hispanics" and that part of his appeal includes a shot of him waving another country's flag. This isn't his only use of that country's flag to appeal to "Hispanics"; his Spanish-language site included the flags of Mexico and various Central American countries.

Not only that, but the video includes the putative U.S. president saying this right at the beginning:

"About 15 years before the Civil War, much of the American West was northern Mexico. The people who lived there weren't called Latinos or Hispanics. They were Mexican citizens, until all that land became part of the United States. After that, many of them were treated as foreigners in their own land."

A full treatment of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo is beyond the scope of this post. However, if they were then U.S. citizens, then it may be true that some of them were indeed treated that way. On the other hand, if they were still Mexican citizens, then it was no longer their land. I have a feeling that Bush thinks its "their own land" regardless of their citizenship status.

In any case, this is an especially "liberal" point of view, and it crosses well over into "reconquista" territory. (I note also that the L.A. Times quote of what he said on the video didn't include the last sentence above.) On the video, Bush extols the virtues of "Hispanics"; one wonders whether he's also released videos extolling the virtues of other races or ethnic groups. Perhaps the GOP should reconsider how far down Bush's Gramscism and identity politics road it wants to go, since the Dems will always be able to underbid them.

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[2] youtube · com/watch?v=PdLqcOt470s

President Bush's Outreach to Latinos


One wonders how many Hispanics born and living in the great Southwest really lament the fact that they don't have Vincente Fox and his government leading them. Could they long for experiencing the affects of the Mexico's economic policies as well?

Since Hispanics are so fond of pointing out that American Indians are the only non-immigrants, and thus have the legitimate right to have a say as to the fate of North Amerian lands, maybe we should limit the determination of that territory to a vote of the current indigenous peoples in former Mexican possessions. Does anyone really think that they'd side with re-annexation to Mexico?

If Mexico hadn't reneged on their promise to give (what were to become) the American Indians their land back, and to allow them the full rights of regular Mexican citizens, then they might have more credibility on the topic. But they didn't.

On top of that, many of the loudest open borders proponents (eg Vicente Fox, Fabian Nunez, Cruz Bustamante) are full or nearly full-blooded Spanish, and descendents of the very people who conquered the natives of Mexico. Yet they still talk about "stolen land." They need to look at their own ancestors, not at ours and what they did.

The video just shows how stupid some politicians can be when pursuing elective office. In the case of Bush he is stupider than most, which is no big surprise.