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Janet Hook
Washington D.C.
National political reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Wall Street Journal alum. Mom. Arsenal fan. Lover of Maine.
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From @TraciMcCullou15
@hookjan @maggieNYT and so it begins, trump for another 4 years.‍️
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TraciMcCullou15: LAT covered up for Villar, but slightly goes after Garcetti. Now they have @hookjan doing a hit piece on Biden. The LAT is controlled by multimillionaires, real estate developers, etc. They're the ones who indirectly tell Janet Hook what to do. Only Q is why.
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From @hookjan
Cory Booker on CNN called it "insulting'' that Biden asked him to apologize and didn't acknowledge anything wrong i…
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From @X_Establishment
@hookjan @maggieNYT It’s unreal that he demanded an apology out of a *black person* for leveling true concerns abou…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
That's a hate crime! MT @X_Establishment It’s unreal that [Biden] demanded an apology out of a *black person* for leveling true concerns about his civility/complicity with RACIST congressmen throughout the years.