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Which Republicans will vote for John McCain's "Edward M. Kennedy immigration bill"? - 04/01/14

On March 28 [5], John McCain accepted a "Lifetime Achievement Award" [1] from the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and said the following [2]: "when immigration reform passes I will make sure it is forever called the Edward M. Kennedy immigration bill"

Obama immigration budget: does a McCain: border security, then amnesty; fulfills promise to Mexican government; worried about *southbound* flows - 05/06/09

Remember how when John McCain used the cheap, misleading tactic of talking about how he wanted to "secure the border first" and then use that to push for amnesty, and Obama supporters lied and said he didn't support comprehensive immigration reform anymore? Well, now Barack Obama wants to secure the border first and then use that to push for amnesty. Somehow it's different this time. From "Obama budget puts security first at the border/He'll ask Congress to help curb the flow of arms to Mexico before seeking any immigration reform" (by Anna Gorman and Peter Nicholas of the Los Angeles Times;...

A tough question for John McCain (let's block amnesty) - 06/16/07

If you want to block an illegal alien amnesty, calling Congress is only going to go so far; many of our elected officials just aren't listening. That doesn't mean you shouldn't call, but an additional, even more effective way is to go to campaign appearances and ask tough questions, and then publicize the response. The goal is to discredit politicians and have an impact on their careers. That's something that will get their attention. Here's one possible question for John McCain:

[JOB] US-AZ-YUMA: Pick lettuce. $50 an hour. - 04/16/06

** Job offered ** Job description: Picking lettuce (link) Rate: $50.00 per hour (must work for one year) Contact: John McCain, Supervisor of Lettuce Operations, U.S. Senate (link)

Five Stooges Watch - 01/23/05

"McCain urges Bush to make immigration reform a priority" [1]: Arizona Sen. John McCain stressed immigration reform as a top priority for the start of President George W. Bush's second term and encouraged the Republican White House to focus on the issue. McCain, business groups and Arizona U.S. Reps.

AZ Republicans rally for Protect Arizona Now - 09/16/04

From the WashTimes: An immigration initiative in Arizona that would require secure identification to vote in elections and to receive public benefits was endorsed yesterday by more than two dozen Republican state legislators and candidates at a rally outside the statehouse in Phoenix.