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Adeline Jaouadi
Paris, France
Odieusement bienveillant. Construire des ponts. « Impose ta chance, serre ton bonheur et va vers ton risque. A te regarder, ils s’habitueront. » René Char
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From @karaswisher
Great read on ⁦@Twitter⁩ efforts to clean up by ⁦@KurtWagner8⁩
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From @AjAdeline
@karaswisher @Twitter @KurtWagner8 Really interesting, as a « newby » on Twitter , i know there is dunk, i see it ,…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AjAdeline: the "clean up" of #Twitter @karaswisher refers to is censorship. She wants them to elevate approved voices, while silencing everyone else. Which camp are you in?