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Administration officials

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janet napolitano (127)michael chertoff (107)karl rove (45)
obama cabinet (43)asa hutchinson (42)cecilia munoz (37)
hilda solis (28)john morton (22)carlos gutierrez (21)
rahm emanuel (19)tom vilsack (17)ken salazar (13)
eric holder (10)alejandro mayorkas (9)kathleen sibelius (9)
van jones (9)thomas perez (8)valerie jarrett (7)
david axelrod (7)robert gibbs (7)federico pena (7)
harold koh (7)robert reich (6)condi rice (6)
julie myers (6)trade representative (5)arne duncan (5)
tammy duckworth (5)louis caldera (4)sid blumenthal (4)
ron kirk (3)leon panetta (3)gary locke (3)
alan greenspan (3)gene sperling (3)john holdren (2)
henry kissinger (2)tina tchen (2)michael strautmanis (2)
michael powell (2)michael copps (2)ray lahood (2)
ben bernanke (2)colin powell (2)austan goolsbee (2)
john yoo (2)melody barnes (2)jane lubchenko (1)
harold varmus (1)eric lander (1)carol browner (1)
sandy berger (1)lawrence summers (1)steven chu (1)
alejandra campoverdi (1)jon favreau (1)katie jacobs stanton (1)
hank paulson (1)susan rice (1)robert sunshine (1)
esther olavarria (1)jocelyn frye (1)henry paulson (1)
timothy geithner (1)alberto gonzalez (1)michele flournoy (1)
tim roemer (1)james lee witt (1)richard clarke (1)
richard holbrooke (1)cass sunstein (1)matthew dowd (1)
william webster (1)steven paulson (1)frances fragos townsend (1)
mark lloyd (1)dan restrepo (1)tony garza (1)
dora schriro (1)je yon jung (1)james cole (1)
kenneth melson (1)nancy ann deparle (1)heidi avery (1)