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The White House's misleading "Economic Benefits of Fixing Our Broken Immigration System" - 07/11/13

The Obama administration released a report entitled "The Economic Benefits of Fixing Our Broken Immigration System" [1] and this post will briefly describe how it misleads. If you trust the Obama administration to tell you the truth, please read the following. If you still believe them when you get to the end, then leave a comment and I'll add even more.

How is Gene Sperling misleading on economics and immigration reform? - 03/13/13

At the White House blog, Obama economic advisor Gene Sperling offers the highly misleading post "The Economic Case for Commonsense Immigration Reform" [1].

Obama meets with "stakeholders" for amnesty propaganda push ("immigration reform") - 04/19/11

Earlier today, Barack Obama met with a group of 70 "stakeholders" to discuss a new push for comprehensive immigration reform. The stakeholders in question represent only a small number of Americans; see the list below.