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Van Jones re-hired by Obama-linked Center for American Progress (UPDATE: maybe not) - 09/09/09

Van Jones - Barack Obama's "green jobs czar" - quit just four days ago, but the landing was rather soft: he's been re-hired by the Obama administration-linked Center for American Progress (link). He had previously been a senior fellow there, and now he's back. That link also points out that CAP hired Louis Caldera, the administration official who ordered (or who just took the heat for) the New York City flyover by Air Force One. UPDATE: Now, Ben Smith of the Politico says (politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0909/Report_Jones_to_CAP.html) he asked Jennifer Palmieri of CAP about this and she said...

Louis Caldera loses job over Air Force One photo op - 05/08/09

Louis Caldera - now the former director of the White House Military Office - has been fired or quit over the recent flap where one of the Air Force One planes - together with two F-16s - buzzed New York City in an apparent "photo op" (link).

Louis Caldera ordered Air Force One fly-by that terrified New Yorkers - 04/27/09

Earlier today one of the two Air Force One 747s together with F-16s did a fly-by over New York City, terrorizing office workers who thought it might be another 9/11 attack. Instead, it was an unspecified training mission described by others as a "photo op" SEE THE UPDATE. And, it was approved by White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera, who's now apologized, saying (link): "Last week, I approved a mission over New York. I take responsibility for that decision... While federal authorities took the proper steps to notify state and local authorities in New York and New Jersey, its...

Louis Caldera: Obama's White House Military Office director (CFR, fmr CA Assemblyman; immigration?) - 12/02/08

Another Clinton retread has joined the Barack Obama administration. This time it's Louis E. Caldera, who's been named director of the White House Military Office. Per this, that "oversees all White House military operations, including Air Force One, Camp David and presidential trips overseas".