Ted Cruz keeps saying the same things on immigration (attrition, amnesty)

In Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, an ambassador visited an outpost for a few days, schmoozing with the locals. After he'd left, an official went to the leader of the outpost and said (paraphrasing), "we analyzed the ambassador's remarks, and he said absolutely nothing all the time he was here."

I get a feeling like that when Senate contender from Texas Ted Cruz speaks about immigration. He fierily describes how he'll secure the border and do other good things, but he never mentions the 20 ton elephants in the room: legalization and guest workers programs.

Assuredly, some of the things he says are good: on the first video below he says he would "ban sanctuary cities" and "eliminate benefits for illegal aliens like in-state tuition". On the second video, he discusses OTMs , and sex trafficking. (OTMs means "Other Than Mexicans" and refers to non-Mexicans who illegally cross the border). In the bolder part of the first interview, Cruz appears to be a supporter of attrition. If he truly means that, it's actually a strong point in his favor.

But, my nagging doubts remain until such time as he details his stance on legalization and guest workers. He never describes under what conditions (if any) he'd grant legal status to some or all illegal aliens. And, those are key. Saying (as he frequently does) that he's "categorically opposed to amnesty" is nearly meaningless, since those who support what we would call amnesty don't refer to it using the word "amnesty". Part of the lack of clarity is due to those asking him questions; see bad questions for past examples of citizens not doing their jobs.

A major Cruz backer is FreedomWorks, headed by illegal immigration supporter Dick Armey. Armey is or was affiliated with Helen Krieble, a wealthy heiress with her own guest worker plan. Armey has also rubbed shoulders with Mike Pence, author of his own similar plan. If Cruz wins, would he support plans like those?

See the previous post for a Cruz interview in which he says much the same as in the interviews and videos below. And, if anyone can get the details on Cruz' positions on immigration, leave a comment at that link.

Here's part of the first interview (bolding added) [1]:

We have a crisis on illegal immigration. Neither party is serious about stopping it. I strongly oppose illegal immigration. I categorically oppose amnesty. I support legal immigrants who come here supporting the American Dream.

I come from the perspective of someone who spent much of my adult life in law enforcement. In a post-9/11 world, it is absolutely unacceptable that we don’t know who comes over our borders. We need to do everything humanly possible to secure the borders. Electronic surveillance, a wall, helicopters and, most importantly, boots on the ground. If elected, the first thing I will do is triple the U.S. Border Patrol.

We should celebrate legal immigrants. No matter the party or the politician, I oppose amnesty. Amnesty is contrary to the rule of law and is unfair to legal immigrants who wait years or decades to come here legally.

When it comes to illegal immigration, conservatives often feel like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football. The 1986 amnesty was allegedly to secure borders in exchange for amnesty, but the borders were never secured. We should not fall for that again.

A better immigration system is both possible and simple. First, we enforce the law – securing the borders will stop the inflow. Second, put in place a strong E-Verify program. The lack of jobs will dry up the magnet for being here and illegal immigrants will leave. America MUST remain a nation of the rule of law, and non-enforcement of illegal immigration undermines that.

Second interview, even more empty than the first [2]:

There is no doubt that the Democrats and the media love to paint the Republicans as anti immigrant. On the question of illegal immigration I think we should stand firm and stand tall. I am strongly opposed to illegal immigration. I come to it from the perspective as someone who has been in law enforcement most of my adult life. I think particularly in a post 9-11 world we have to enforce the border. It makes no sense that we don’t know who is crossing our border. We don’t know their background. We don’t know their criminal history. Any nation as a matter of national sovereignty secures its border. At the same time we cannot allow our vigilance in securing the border to be used to paint us as anti immigrant. As strongly as we stand against illegal immigration, legal immigration is something completely different. To my mind it’s incredibly important that we remain a nation that not only welcomes legal immigrants, but embraces and celebrates legal immigrants. In fact, the history of our country for generations has been people fleeing oppression, and coming here for liberty and opportunity. It’s that tradition that will cause us to reject the Obama agenda of govt control, because liberty and opportunity are the most fundamental values of who we are as Americans, and that is tied into us being a nation of immigrants.

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