Challenge: get Ted Cruz to oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform and describe his legalization and guest worker stance

As detailed here and here, Senate contender from Texas Ted Cruz keeps repeating the same basic speech on immigration and doesn't disclose whether he would support some form of Comprehensive Immigration Reform or other legalization.

I'm challenging anyone to find Cruz discussing those issues, or to ask him about it. Note that some politicians play word games on immigration: someone who'd dishonest could say they oppose "amnesty" now, and then support Comprehensive Immigration Reform later. That's because those who support what we call amnesty don't refer to their plans as amnesty.

If anyone anywhere has video of Cruz explicitly opposing Comprehensive Immigration Reform or guest workers or detailing under what conditions he'd support legalization of some or all illegal aliens in the U.S., please do leave a comment below. If you leave a link to a video, indicate the time in the video where he says that.

Or, go to one of his appearances and ask him on video under what conditions he'd support guest workers or legalization, and then leave a link to the video below.

See the two links at the start of this post for background on his still unclear positions on these issues.

It's better to find these things out now, rather than later, isn't it?