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"Donald Trump isn't a Real Conservative" - 01/09/16

One of the talking points used against Donald Trump is that he isn't a "Real Conservative"; examples at [1]. That talking point might be counter-productive and it exposes yet again that being a "real conservative" isn't actually all that popular.

Cowardly fake patriot Bill Whittle "jokes" that Texans should shoot Californians - 01/13/14

On the video below rightwing commentator Bill Whittle - occasionally affiliated with Pajamas Media - "jokes" that Texans should shoot Californians who move to that state. He spoke at an event featuring Ted Cruz, who's seated in front row center.

Ted Cruz wants to legalize most illegal aliens, double legal immigration, increase H1B cap to 325,000 - 09/29/13

On the video below [1], Senator Ted Cruz of Texas finally confirms just how bad he is on immigration. Rather than strongly opposing the Senate amnesty bill and completely opposing any form of mass legalization, Ted Cruz wanted to "fix" the Senate bill. On the video, Cruz talks about what his amendments would do. This is what he supports:

Bill Richardson: "I don't think [Ted Cruz] should be defined as a Hispanic" - 05/06/13

The video below has former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson saying that Texas senator Ted Cruz shouldn't be a considered a real Hispanic. Transcript, bolding added:

Why the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC is bogus - 03/29/13

Here are excerpts of an email from the Tea Party "Patriots". Why their group and their new PAC is bogus will be discussed below: Dear Patriot, My name is Jenny Beth Martin. I helped found Tea Party Patriots... ...Please become a charter supporter of the new Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC... ...Through the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund we are going to beat big-government Republicans in primaries and Obama-loving Democrats in the general election.

Ted Cruz is weak on amnesty (legalizing illegal aliens; comprehensive immigration reform) - 03/15/13

Texas senator Ted Cruz is presented as America's Top Conservative, yet he's very weak on what most people would call amnesty. First, it's necessary to define terms: this site uses "amnesty" as a shorthand for any form of mass legalization of illegal aliens whether it includes a "path to citizenship" or not.

Challenge: get Ted Cruz to oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform and describe his legalization and guest worker stance - 07/27/12

As detailed here and here, Senate contender from Texas Ted Cruz keeps repeating the same basic speech on immigration and doesn't disclose whether he would support some form of

Ted Cruz keeps saying the same things on immigration (attrition, amnesty) - 07/27/12

In Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, an ambassador visited an outpost for a few days, schmoozing with the locals. After he'd left, an official went to the leader of the outpost and said (paraphrasing), "we analyzed the ambassador's remarks, and he said absolutely nothing all the time he was here."

Does Ted Cruz support amnesty? Part 1 (Texas, Senate, David Dewhurst) - 07/12/12

Ted Cruz is running against David Dewhurst for U.S. Senate in Texas, and one recent poll shows Cruz ahead by 9 points (link). Cruz is a Tea Parties candidate, and if asked he'll say he opposes "amnesty". In fact, he says he's opposed to "amnesty" so much, I'm a little suspicious he doth protest too much.