Stop Obama's Executive Order: Ask Tough Questions at August 2014 Townhalls (list of meetings)

This post describes one of the best ways to block Obama's Executive Order that might in effect legalize millions of illegal aliens. Congresspersons are holding several meetings in their areas during August 2014 and if they receive a great deal of pushback they'll pressure Obama not to issue his executive order.

But, that pushback has to be smart. Simply going to a townhall and ranting or asking weak questions won't work. Many politicians are lawyers, and they know how to bluff their way around rants and weak questions.

What you need to do is go to a townhall in your area and ask tough questions: questions designed to put politicians on the spot and show them who's boss. But, don't worry: this site has dozens of tough questions you can use. There's also a list of upcoming meetings below [1], and you can see just the ones from your state.

To have an even greater impact, get video of the question and the answer, and upload it to video sharing sites. Or, at least provide a transcription and post that somewhere on the web.

The Questions

The posts listed on the Question Authority have dozens of questions you can use. In particular, here are dozens of questions I asked White House officials earlier this year.

Here are 40 questions oriented towards Republicans, and a few more and still more.

For supporters of the DREAM Act (which includes most Democratic leaders), see that link.

Here are questions oriented towards those who favor more H1B visas.

If you look through the other posts on the Question Authority page you'll find plenty more to choose from.

Other things to do

If you can't attend one of the meetings, please encourage others to attend. In particular, tweet these accounts and urge them to encourage their followers to attend the meetings and ask tough questions: @NumbersUSA, @MarkSKrikorian, @KausMickey, @mboyle1, @brandondarby, @TPPatrots, and similar.

You can also look at the list of upcoming meetings, and if you know anyone in those areas encourage them to attend.


Q. Why ask questions? I want to give my representative a piece of my mind and let him know what I think!
A. That plays right into their hands: they're used to people doing that and know how to handle it. What they aren't used to are tough questions. They don't get tough questions from the media or most of their constituents. Asking them tough questions will throw them off their game and have a much greater impact.

Q. I don't understand the point of some of the questions.
A. Each question is designed to make a specific point, but some questions are the start of a line of questioning. If a question seems like it might generate a response you aren't prepared to answer, please choose one of the questions that's more cut-and-dried.

Q. What about follow-up questions?
A. It would be difficult to provide possible responses and follow-ups for each question. However, if there's a question you want to ask contact me at @24AheadDotCom_ and I'll do that for the question you have in mind.


  • Vance McCallister "supports a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, according to an interview with The Town Talk, a local media outlet" ( ). @RepMcAllister
  • From "Scott Tipton's Plan For Common Sense Immigration Reform" ( ): "In order to satisfy the labor needs of agriculture, tourism, construction, and many other key industries, we must establish a guest worker program... The Guest Worker visas will allow a temporary stay of anywhere between 6 months and 3 years." @RepTipton
  • Eric Swalwell (misspelled Swawell below) is a standard issue loose borders Democrat. From his site: "We are a nation of immigrants that is welcoming to people of all faiths and backgrounds. Unfortunately, our current immigration system is not living up to these basic ideals... Our immigration system is fundamentally broken and needs comprehensive reform to be brought into the 21st century. We must provide a road map so that undocumented workers can earn legalized status and citizenship, reduce backlogs and allow families to be reunited, pass the DREAM Act so kids brought here years ago can have the same opportunities as everyone else, and allow businesses, like those in the high-technology sector, to attract and retain workers from abroad when domestic talent is not available. Comprehensive reform also must include improvements to secure our borders and remove from this country undocumented immigrants who have committed serious crimes after they serve their sentences... I am confident that we can adopt reforms that would provide a way to bring undocumented workers out of the shadows, allow our economy to utilize the best and brightest human capital, and impose meaningful border security." (@RepSwalwell and @ericswalwell)

The Meetings

Here's a list of meetings, ordered by date. This list might be refreshed with new data if it becomes available. You can see all the meetings or choose your state on the popup menu.

9/7/14 UPDATE: The last meeting was yesterday, so I removed the list. While vDare and others promoted this plan, as far as I know no one actually used it. Amnesty supporters are willing to get out there and do things (e.g., the Erika Andiola encounter with Steve King), but amnesty opponents have yet to get active.

To encourage more activity, I've started a fund that will pay a $350 bounty to someone who asks one of my questions. Get the details on that here.