Immigration questions for Republicans ("reform", amnesty, etc.)

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Here are some non-politician-specific questions for Republicans or conservatives regarding amnesty, comprehensive immigration reform, illegal immigration, and so on. More questions will be added to this list over time.

Please go to public appearances by politicians or political leaders, ask them these questions on video, and then upload their response to video sharing sites. Create a flier to be handed out for those who want more information by compiling citations from any links provided below:

1. Nearly every leftwing group strongly supports "comprehensive immigration reform", something that various members of the GOP leadership also support. Leaving aside your position on CIR, could you list some of the reasons why leftwing organizations are so strongly in support of CIR? Please list some of the things they hope to gain.

2. Democratic leaders and at least one Democratic-linked group have explicitly stated that they want the 2010 Census to include as many non-citizens as possible (i.e., legal immigrants and illegal aliens) in order to affect congressional apportionment. A 2005 bill to exclude illegal aliens from counting towards congressional apportionment failed. Will you push such a bill to be reintroduced and will you work for it to pass?

3. I have a question about the Mexican government having political power inside the U.S. Do you agree that because millions of their citizens live here, because that government has direct (ACLU) or indirect (SPLC) links to various non-profit organizations, and because of their direct lobbying of local, state, and federal officials that the Mexican government has political power inside the U.S.? If so, what do you intend to do about it?

4. (ADDED 11/9/12): Mitt Romney only got about 52% of the Cuban-American vote in Florida in 2012. Do you think comprehensive immigration reform would cause that number to rise? Likewise with Puerto Ricans (who are citizens by definition). What makes you think Cuban-Americans and Puerto Ricans have much interest in giving amnesty to illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America?

5. (ADDED 11/9/12): If your answer to the last question boiled down to pan-Hispanic ethnic nationalism - whether using a euphemism or not - why do you think enabling pan-ethnic nationalism is good for the U.S.? Please make a positive argument for pan-ethnic nationalism, including by white people.


stop the BS We only have a one party system.