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Ask The Atlantic evades a tough immigration question (Garance Franke-Ruta, amnesty) - 09/14/12

Earlier today, Garance Franke Ruta of The Atlantic conducted a live chat and continually evaded my attempts to ask about the negative impact that Obama's amnesty will have on struggling American workers.

Obama asked about H-1B, made to look foolish (plus: GOP's disingenuous response) - 01/31/12

At yesterday's "Google+" web chat with Barack Obama, the wife of an unemployed semiconductor engineer embarrassed him over H1B visas for foreign workers. To a certain small extent, this is a vindication of the Question Authority plan I've been promoting for over five years.

Stanford students, 4th grader ask Condi Rice better questions than MSM - 05/04/09

A fourth-grade student and students at Stanford have recently questioned Condi Rice about torture, with video of one uploaded to Youtube and getting over a hundred thousand views. The questions aren't that good, it's just that they're probably better than anything the MSM has asked her. And, those asking the questions show more moxie than almost all citizen journalists, major bloggers, and tea parties participants combined.

"Washington Stakeout": previous examples of asking politicians tough questions - 03/15/09

The website "Washington Stakeout" (link, video compilation here) has several videos where they ask newsmakers such as Pat Leahy somewhat tough questions. They're all from the leftwing perspective and involve impeachment, the Iraq war, and so on. However, they might serve as a bit of an example of how to do things if anyone wants to ask very tough questions about immigration or related matters.'s idiotic anti-stimulus video contest ("Bailout Prize Patrol", Snowe, Schumer) - 03/03/09

The website is conducting a video competition seeking the best 30-second humorous video regarding the various bailouts. And, as a promotion for that they made a "humorous" video of their own involving a "Bailout Prize Patrol" (modeled after the Publisher's Clearinghouse campaign) for which they tried to give Citibank et al a check for $30 billion at the same time as giving invoices to regular citizens.

Idiots show how not to ask Ann Coulter questions: Mike Tracey, We Are Change, Bob McKeown - 02/26/09

A trio of stooges are here to show how not to ask Ann Coulter - or anyone else - questions. I don't necessarily want to have anyone discredit Ann Coulter by asking her the right question in the right way, but, given at least the first two there isn't much danger of that.

John Sweeney can't answer union secret ballot question (card check, citizen journalism) - 02/05/09

Citizen journalism works, it's just that few want to promote it. For one of the few examples of regular citizens asking the tough questions the mainstream media refuses to ask, this site (via this) asked two union officials a stumper of a question about card check legislation (the Employee Free Choice Act), which they apparently couldn't answer. The question is paraphrased like so: Organized labor claims that secret-ballot elections lead to intimidation by employers, but if 90% of workers signed cards when confronted by union organizers in dark parking lots or in vacant break rooms and then...

Rep. Jerrold Nadler: Obama didn't have the "political courage" to leave Rev. Wright's church (asking questions works) - 11/02/08

For almost two years, I've been trying to encourage people to go to public appearances by politicians, ask them tough questions, and upload their responses to video sharing sites. A month ago, I sent an open letter to a series of mostly Pajamas Media bloggers urging them to push such a plan, and none of them did. Instead, some pushed loony theories, some sat in a dark corner moaning (PW), and others concentrated on their Amazon sales. Now, one other person from that group - almost assuredly doing so on her own initiative and not on the prompting of the other hacks at PJM - has done...

Barack Obama: no evidence of North American Union, confirms NAFTA Superhighway (?), says not CFR member - 04/02/08

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania on 3/31/08, an audience member asked Barack Obama whether he's a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and asks about the North American Union. He denied being a member of the CFR, and said he didn't see any evidence of the NAU. However, in his discussion of the NAU he described something sounding an awful lot like the NAFTA Superhighway. If you go to one of his appearances, read back his statements (below) and tell him that he came close to verifying something that we're told doesn't exist. And, if Obama is truthful when he says he sees no evidence of the NAU...

Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) gets earful on immigration from constituents - 08/21/06

A Q&A session Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) held at a public library in Des Plaines, Illinois is described here. The second attendee asked two questions: First, If someone enters your house uninvited, is it a crime? After some consideration, Rep. Schakowsky granted that that situation might be construed as trespassing. Second: Do you support a moratorium on the deportation of illegal immigrants? to which Mrs. Schakowsky emphatically answered "Yes." The questioner wanted to know the whys and wherefores of her reasoning, but the good congresswoman mumbled something about the 'Day Without...