John Sweeney can't answer union secret ballot question (card check, citizen journalism)

Citizen journalism works, it's just that few want to promote it. For one of the few examples of regular citizens asking the tough questions the mainstream media refuses to ask, this site (via this) asked two union officials a stumper of a question about card check legislation (the Employee Free Choice Act), which they apparently couldn't answer. The question is paraphrased like so:

Organized labor claims that secret-ballot elections lead to intimidation by employers, but if 90% of workers signed cards when confronted by union organizers in dark parking lots or in vacant break rooms and then only a very slim majority actually voted to unionize when those union operatives couldn't see their votes, doesn't that prove that union intimidation is much worse than employer intimidation? After all, employers already knew who signed those cards.

One of those asked was John Sweeney from the AFL CIO.

It would be nice if someone could review news articles discussing this issue in an attempt to get a list of those reporters who simply passed along the thoughts of Sweeney et al without asking them a question like the one above.

For some immigration-related questions you can ask politicians and political leaders, see the question authority summary.


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