Obama asked about H-1B, made to look foolish (plus: GOP's disingenuous response)

At yesterday's "Google+" web chat with Barack Obama, the wife of an unemployed semiconductor engineer embarrassed him over H1B visas for foreign workers. To a certain small extent, this is a vindication of the Question Authority plan I've been promoting for over five years.

Under my plan, experienced questioners (such as trial lawyers) would have "cross-examined" Obama and other politicians over the specifics of their plans with the goal of discrediting them and forcing them to come up with better plans.

While the question Obama was asked isn't anywhere near as tough as I'd like, at least she was persistent and she made Obama look bad. This might give others the idea that, instead of rants or general requests for information, they should try to ask Obama and others real questions.

You can watch part of the exchange below, which is in an ad from the GOP. As you can see, the GOP is concentrating on jobs lost in the semiconductor field and they aren't concentrating on the woman's point: we shouldn't be allowing so many H-1B workers into the U.S. with large numbers of Americans unemployed. And, the reason for that is that both the Obama administration and the GOP leadership are aligned on the wonders of massive immigration, whether low-skilled or high-skilled.

The GOP - and the Tea Parties - could have easily made the points on the skilled immigration page or in my nearly three-year-old plan to reduce unemployment any time during the past several years. However, they haven't, won't, and can't due to a combination of incompetence and corruption. Instead of discussing the impact of massive immigration on unemployment, they can only try to pin general economic factors related to the business cycle on Obama and to a certain extent they're just treating his comments as a gaffe.

ADDED: The full exchange is first, then the GOP ad.